Friday, January 2, 2009


Me and my sister are fighting about the rules of the game, she says there's no avoiding bases. She says there's no skipping of bases, I say there has definitely times I slid right into home without stopping on first base!

Had a late start to the evening but I still drank a bottle of champagne and a few shots

I went to some club in Brooklyn I took one look at the line and decided to say fuck that Im not into waiting

Because I can forget all the troubles...

We drove back to NJ and ran into my sisters bar jumped over the counter and gave her a kiss for new years

spent some time at the bar went to the party than back to the bar

old business card

someones plants

I was getting it in

some dude that had too much to drink and I noticed he was about to puke in the cup right at the bar!

I gave steff heads up and she kicked the nigga out

mr pringles

martini tie

went to another party

people were celebrating the new year what a surprise

JC blue himself for the new year

Joseph is the man

dude look like a lady

Supposedly theres something funky business going on but I was blacked out at this point

claudia with a fresh pair of soon to be vintage glasses

the troublemaker

hes cool tho I like him

Peeping Francis

JC and a big bottle of soco

Like I said a bunch of pictures earlier I was blacked out so there goes my new years, I had fun and it was grand so yeah I can dig it. cheers to success

Heres a bonus

You all can keep your home runs I wanna live on third base!!!
Best of luck to you all in the new years I love you all XOXOXO

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