Monday, September 29, 2008

fear and loathing in Boston....

too much for 2 days?

deneyed but after watching the video like 3 times I did sound kinda fucked up but still like thats still kinda gay right? whatever took a cab to some other place and bought 2 way more sexier way more expensive beers and 4 fine dutchmaster cigars...
wet rumbear humping imaginary humping someone through a McDonalds window... if this was someone in NJ they would come get all rowdy but in the mean streets of Boston they just laugh...

Took a piss on Melrose MA SON!!!

being a big wet smoking idiot

ding hoes get low

the great gay cornholio

and this fucking guy won the best dressed award

I was high and took a pic of this castle also kinda out of boredom

The best dressed again

I saw this cracked the fuck up, woke up too late for breakfast at the telly and delt with a multigrain bagel with jalepeano cream cheese for breakfast... and then it was smooth sailing to NJ by the time we got in town tho I was just so beat from all the cornbread, beer and driving that was done I was not in the mood... got some good ol Indian all you can eat for 10 bucks tits!!!!! another blog another dollar and another cockroach trying to get under my door!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boston bloody boston

With the whole trip starting with a 2 hour delay due to a airhead that will remain nameless, anyway the trip consisted of rain, traffic, muffins and of course are we there yet? By the time we were finally got to the hotel we hoofed it down to the brewdogs kinda was a little too hungry and thirsty to give a fuck about a blog and by the time I made rounds and had some grub I was a little tipsy not, kinda long day took it in to the lab to blow some kush.
Saturday woke up went right to Harpoon Brewery followed up that with brunch at some seafood joint had some banging crab cakes... wow I forgot I was blogging... anywho tried to make shit happen in Boston and it all got kinda screwed cus 1) no peeps in the mean streets of Boston 2) there is less parking there than in Hollywood, 3) all the clubs are listening to music from 2 years ago plus and 4) it was raining like a mother fucker...
all and all it was cool to get out of my shit hole neighborhood for a minute but wish mother nature would have let me live!
The town of Boston has some nice architecture all the buildings and churches have very classy and sexy details, very unlike some major cities... although the nightlife seems to be kinda shitty they do have beer that doesn't make me wretch on tap almost everywhere. Also an added bonus there is a lot of good looking Asian chicks go Boston! Anyway the ride home was way smoother than the ride there but it was getting old by the time we got back to the good old State that nobody really likes...
I didn't take many pics ill post what I got soon enough just been too tierd and lazy by the way I didn't receive any emails about the job opening I really need help willing to pay up too

peace out Waldo

Friday, September 26, 2008

I need a secretary/personal assistant/dish washer

email me a paragraph why you would make my life easier to

catch you later for some updates... thank tina for the picture excuse me englishwaffle... she take the bomb pics if you need someone to make you look better than you already do!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Noone on the corner got Mustache Swagger like us

With the "sleaze stash" swagger at an all time high must mean that its time for Boston!!! As you have seen in previous blogs that its getting mixed reviews... lets see what a bunch of old beer geeks think hahaha formerly known as jajaja... anyways bags are packed cornbreads been prepared again forgot to add the hot peppers again oh well they have been going fast anyway...

Don't worry I will take some pics

leftovers from the weekend...

Monday, September 22, 2008

just another weekend...

Well well this was a interesting weekend indeed... It started out me getting slapped in the face by some cocked up hoe in a bar because I was humping air towards her when she was taking a picture while she was wearing my hat wtf u know... gotta take the good with the bad... but her big drunk retarded boyfriend kept rushing me and doing gay childish things like the good old hold me back routine...
like I would hit that... bitch please

after we finally left the outside of the bar after not paying for drinks cus I am too cool for school they threw a bottle at us... smoked a few l's back at the mansion

Saturday hit up rebel took like 3 pictures finally smoked pot inside there...

Sunday woke up in Harlem no big chips or I woulda gone to see Sheist Bub to get a weeks worth of headache medicine... so I ran to a art gallery/bar for brunch

back to the mansion....

then back to the crime scene where Cloudia had her hand slapped for the pot we didnt get to smoke on the day we were beavis and butthead at the beach... was a really fun day and I am still peeling from the sunburn...
this is where we got pulled over at 4:20 pm

Friday, September 19, 2008

have a safe weekend

Well papi came drought over so did megaman, full house no tanners son... well its 830 its friday and im having a toast with countyingula and yeah
smell that dick

Thursday, September 18, 2008

random shit stoned at the mansion

with the kitchen yelling theres no pot for sale, I have been spending time with the homies... hit up some bars, hit up the italian festival in Little Italy hit up more bars. Didn't do to much cool shit but it felt good to be out and about. Looking forward to Boston for the "Night Of The Funk" sour beer fest with the pirate we got no Idea what where doing the rest of the weekend but we are both going with mustaches so far this is what I got...



Ostrich is this seasons peacock


wheres waldo

Ole and friends


if you look hard enough im sure you will find waldo

Monday, September 15, 2008

racism on ave a

leaving St Marks isn't always as exciting...

a weekend of cock

This mean green panther was talked into going to another planet where the aliens are when I could have avoided drama but you know what the drama king would do...

smiley happy people

the new cornbreads fire son

It wasnt me son

mf vagina original son!

lost in BK with douche cus she left her ID in NJ we needed to find other places to freestyle

the masterpiece

this must be some kkk shit I swear

the end

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a week in rock

kitty coke

straw i threw in a garbage that just hung there

kitty fiending

um thats not no atom bomb the hundreds should sue

blogger cribs

some dorky blonde ho bags car I am sure or some coke sniffing cock loving gay eurotrash man one of the two


mr mishka and mr dextro

iMac hoes you mack fellas

cocked by cops