Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Gay Bowl tonight!!!!!!!

The Kenyan half-brother of President Barack Obama has been arrested for alleged marijuana possession.

Needed some comedy in my life I ordered Police Academy 4 Citizens on patrol, cops were as dumb as the pretend cops from the other day but at least they got there job done! I was watching away and I forgot that there was a ill skate scene the likes of Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, every ones favroite bird Tony Hawk and some others.. here here it go

Ghost ride the Delorian!

Hibernating is alright nothing like spending everyday like its Saturday lemme tell you. But all this not drinking is boring, I feel like I am so missing out! I cant wait to party with some white chicks, there so deep and philosophical yet fun at the same time haha.

Tonight is the Super Bowl I really don't care but maybe I'll get drunk for fun!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Headband Fran hibernating with osama in the caves with all the riches...

I know I said I would keep this blog exciting since I am not a retarded drunkard, sorry I haven't its mainly because my life's been too intense lately! Something like a movie everyone knows I am in the fast lane, that's makes me more interesting than the creep u sleep with every other week. Any way people don't like a arrogant rich whiteboy in a piss poor neighborhood where theres more roaches than people and all the women look like trash!
I opened my door the other day to some cockroaches big, ugly and smelly anyway they ran away cus I am like cryptonite. Termite ass bugs cant sniff my tracks but probably can't afford a plane ticket! I slipped and fell on a pee shooter ended up in the ER! Thought I was gonna have a new nickname but after a day I don't think so! Hahaha if only I was wearing my headband, lol on the way to the bank!

Bum ass niggas shoulda been up on this shit right here! You wasnt there maybe you shoulda been!

Duke came over and this song came on!

Whatever you hear don't believe the hype, I'm good!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Your supposed to light my fire not blow it out bitch!

-I realized my mom wanted me to be a chip and dales dancer
-lime disease is the new hot drug
-Big dreams of getting fed grapes in a jacuzzi could start off with getting grapes thrown at me in a bath!
-if u cant breath its cus of champagne
-if im a pothead your a nothead

This past weekend was a dragh sober went to a bar sober drrrh had a beer got sleepy... Went home early (3:30) stayed up alone late. Saturday met Cam'ron in his crib in Jersey, and today the only one Diplomat I never met Jim Jones got sentenced for kicking Ne-yo's ass in The Louis Vuitton store in Manhattan. Right on son

Hell Rell just left (mid blog bonanza)
Ruga, Cash, Sir Francis the easy one

man this blog is over like I was sober!?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reconstuction of Francis

I know I may come off as a dick in person and on here, wow that wasn't worded well.
But it's mostly arrogance and alcoholism that helps me be as assertive online and when I meet you when I am drunk! It was a personal choice of mine to cut the booze out for a while give my body a tune up before I keep going out looking to get the woofers blown. I don't want you to worry though I promise I will still keep it live over here!

Since I have been home alone with limited visitors, unlimited weed and netflix I been watching some oldies but goodies!

Watched some old movies with John Candy in them... including Who's Harry Crumb, when he's the idiot that knows all and is the master of disguise!

I remember being like young as hell crushing on this girl cus she reminded me of my first kiss I gotta facebook that chick I bet she's hot now. prolly married tho!

Than I watched National Lampoon's Vacation, I love chevy chase in this one, I forgot Candy was in this one too!

Just cus its heres a shout out sex in the mouth

I hope my fake sponsor doesn't get mad at me glorifying drinking haha!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Raw footage

Oh shit read this
U.S. Airways has issued each survivor of the flight that made an emergency landing on NY's Hudson River on January 15th a check for $5,000!
HAHAHA I called that bitch! Don't believe me read the Muslim duck blog!

Any who since I have been in detoxing for the last day I have cleaned the mansion, watched Pretty Woman, Spaceballs, and The last boy scout. Other than that did some light shopping, made a few hundo but I also found some fun flicks...
gotta say by the the booze at some point prolly not done with her for good but until the time comes we meet again...

ill skate video...

heres a fun commercial saw a few days ago its for you! You may already know I don't believe in them but when push comes to bush sometimes it gets wrapped

Back to me! Make a cameo in this Hell Rell wideo!

another word from our sponsers

This is some spaced out stoner creep hop

A question to the groupies, the one timers and my secret admirers...


heres a few things I forgot to mention.
Was chilling with these two young ladies, there sister and two total tool bags drapped in Ed hardy and they were laughing at me! Giving me funny faces. I wish I had a picture of these meat head wanna be Guido's but I forgot the camera at home! Oh well they laughed there way to Pasha, jokes on you

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy MLK day this was my black friday!

this should be a very proud day for black people not only can they celebrate the legend of MLK but the inauguration of our new friend Obama.

I really didnt take too many pictures cus I was being a bitch, Lit was packed I was sober I went across the street to drink. Because we all know I am nice to people all day I need to get drunk to be nice to anyone all night!

It's not always about quantity my friend!

last and definitely not least we found Cory Feldman from the 80s!

class is in session tomorrow Let the hibernating begin... comes in good time for the well needed detox you guys been having my head spin! Everything from the job to getting drunk with snobs down to the blog shit has just gotten too stressful for words I apologize to my friends and associates, but man you got no idea!

I am not looking foward to this
I have a feeling its just me and the black sheep for tonight!

A cow friend of mine gave me some good shit!

On a magic carpet ride Don't ask why it just feels right

The mansions a mess and so am I next stop Detox!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Promotion night

I have been on a hating Manhattan rampage for the last few weeks, and since I have been on some fuck new jersey shit latley I was out the door. Got in the chariot and busted a move down to Santos to meet up with all my promoter people

as u maybe able to see I did some promoting of my own, I want new stickers so I am blasting though these want some email me!

all this blogger needs is a flask some drink tickets and a camera! gloves conditional

leaving beauty bar...

for some reason she stay with the cleavage sticker

happy endings...

gave a few stickers out omg I think he likes me

lena with a drop

see no boobs this time...

ima call this one 2 beer queer are you with me

Mr promoter, my sister and the new improved merry Francis

cloudia wasnt feeling giving me happy ending!

Went to lunch with my sister we had a great lunch at one of my favorite local spots, had a hilarious fucking conversation that grossed these tom dick and harry types on a date. As soon as she said why is it bent I lost it! anyway it was a good lunch and on the way home my sister said look at flipper, like Mahi Mahi flipper? This belonged to a life saver from yesterday most likley, so I saved it and it now resides in the west wing of the mansion.

Its gonna be a long weekend and i spent 80 bucks at the liquor store this afternoon lets rock!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Muslim Ducks took down US Airways flight 1549

I was driving home from a late breakfast in Hoboken and on the way home all I was seeing was cops blasting there lights and cars parked on the Blvd. I even said theres something wrong about this, and yeah there was...

"Bird sucked into the engine" news quote of the fucking year!!!!

trivia what building is mine? and it's really a cold ass day to be in the fucking water, this duck right here woulda been bitching and moaning till I got like 5 grand at least.

Ikd shit is whack all together traffic is al messed up on the blvd I am gonna miss the tight pants guys perform at santo's party house. Oh well I am stuck in the mansion listening to Math head and Police sirens.

-In stalker news
I got a Twitter!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Headband Francis the Balcony bandit

I got a new name it's Headband Fran, I know anyone that don't know is like headband what the fuck is that!? But for the few that do, you already know what kinda diamond that is cant find that shit nowhere! I changed it up on people it was a mistake that I can't make again, sorry for getting you all so supped! People really on my nerves today heavy and Ive been so happy with my associates lately I cant even hold down a conversation with them today, feeling like sonic taping my feet...

Fuck em I ain't picking up my phone for shit unless its about G's nohomo. Fuck it light the chemdog and rack hard, listening to the drought 3, that shits hot where the fuck is I cant feel my face at? Where the fuck is the new iPHONE because I am an argument away from making my curve the crackberry!

Not as good as this wayne track tho...

This is another diamond in the ruff, this is old it was like when dips was on some broke shit still and by broke I mean they just became millionares...

This blog was an angry blog but I am happy now, my check just arrived ill be gone till November...
PS if you get my next phone number and give it out you wont have the next one!
Headband Fran

Monday, January 12, 2009

She always on E and I stay with O's

This weekend was cool I didnt really fuck with my camera tho, half way cus Im sick of all this free sex in the mouth! I mean why you get it for free when I gotta pay? Fuck it usually I am all about the blog but all these raises I am getting are going to making me lazy! Anyway it's a good thing at least you wont see my retarded ass allover the blog on some slefish shit as usual, not to mention I like my privacy!
Didn't have very crazy weekend there wasnt too much to blog, I did have fun tho! Sunday was my first day off in forever spent the evening in Manhattan. This blog is Francis free and me coming out of my hibernation!
someone said I should cop this cus I don't stop with the jokes

brownies were fun!

that helped obstruct my vision

i found misses waldo

one of my homeys via internet sent me this came from a LA blog hmmnnn!!! gotta love it! gitta miss it!

now adays girls arent the only ones giving me mixed signals!

Went sex toy shopping with a friend of mine after dinner I pulled out a camera and they were yelling no pics I was like sure after this one!

left that place said thanks for the picture habib responded die you fuck or something of that sort went across the street had to buy this cus it was a great joke from a old romance... nohomo no incest! Look foward to much fun with this one I gotta go back for the pig and cow next oh man these are gonna make some fun nights at the mansion. Tried to have a threesome with my new friend the lamb but wasn't working out to my advantage

my recession buster got me spending a lot more on every meal fuck what you heard!

I put my lip ring back in idk why tho

I want one of these for every bathroom in the mansion

I want one of her for every room in my mansion!

Ill call before I come I wont just pop up over...

has anyone seen my assistant?

someone brought this to my attention and I got a good laugh over it! Kanye X Louis
Vuitton, maybe they look good in person not if there patent leather as it looks!

I am telling you it was great not to answer the phone all day it really felt like heaven! This is what heaven looks like!

Oh yeah I opened my door mad at my buddy on the phone I said something about it he put it on speaker and I heard Killa Cam! If I didn't have a job to do I coulda been in Miami as a extra and a provider oh well, Sexinthemouth gonna give the Bottom of the pussyhole song 1st. take your blog down the corner and up the block my shit be rocking corners & g spots!

This video is hot fire!
Wanderlust - 2d

if ud rather bang your head go here!

MF DOUCHE OUT! Ill keep you posted!