Thursday, January 31, 2008

make fun of this man!!

As I sit here waiting for the last package of shoes of the week, I am excited for this weekend for it will be my last weekend in NYC for a few weeks at least. I am migrating west to go to the "hipster heaven" of LA Echo Park, I still have some unfinished business there plus its getting too cold here. Heres the wednesday night freestyle krew
the pirate loves sexinthemouth

I liked this bum I gave him a joint once and he said he lost it! therefore no more charity for him keep him behind the glass if you are looking for him try st marks Chris Brown up in this!

Monday, January 28, 2008


end full of blunts, bitches, waffles, several trips to williamsburg, jack and waters, freestyling, pictures, dragon slaying etc...
gotta have a good game face when going to the city
Im mike fucking dextro what what!!!
I need cock very bad
me too
only on the bowery drinks come with free crack rocks!

gimme your Iphone
shortly after this I tried to take a picture of some chick she was not too happy and stated so I tried to tell her I wasnt gonna beat off to it or anything.. she bought me a drink and I walked away from her
ok fuck the eastside time to fall in love...
trust me you dont want to see this guys eyes hes uber gay
so is this quintessential myspace shot

im so stylish it hurts...


im saying!
there were lots of dragons heres some that wouldnt stop dancing
I like disco balls
sassy face not amused
but couldnt resist a picture with remarkably smooth francis
Im just happy to be here you know
watch out for gay guys in caves thats where the roofies are put in drinks
sometimes I loose my game face and throw peace signs
two words
back to the game face

...this was all on friday I will post the pics of the night with the waffle whenever her busy ass gets done editing them joints. And I forgot my camera that night iSUCK iKNOW.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi there internet world, It has been a semi-busy day on the blvd due to all of the long distance connections I have been staying up late to talk to them. All just to keep people fresh and clean!!! Well and to pay some bills as well, also I have been sober from alcohol this damn near whole week!!!! Can't say I have been interesting at all this week all serious getting what I needed done. Don't worry I intend on getting nice and drunk I have plans with the englishwaffle (below).

She is a photographer so if in need hit her on Myspace englishwaffle foto, or aim englishwaffle. No plans are in stone but I am sure it will have a interesting outcome. for the meantime these are some oldies but goodies...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So the week is not starting off amazing or anything heres some randomness as to what was up...
New sneakers not feeling them liked the gimmick of this picture tho
So off to flightclub it is
Man I gotta say and have many times before I hate almost all the staff at Flightclub NY they are so utterly trashed out hypebeast police for me to handle, big up to the Flightclub LA crew I like them...

As it was anyway this is Ian, I was going to accompany him this years to Mardi Gras, but since my dick wanted to go to California and it is still costing me money I cant fucking go. Prolly better anyway I might have gotten killed or raped or done too much lean and died...
This is danielles dog, possessed as he may look he kept lunging at the buses as we were talking about how LA is awesome if you are spending someone elses money
and at the neighborhood Jamacian's house better known as spliffville I had this pleasant conversation of a box office classic

we still never know what happened to good old Tuna