Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogging aint easy/ the drought is over vol 4


I really appologize for the recession of blogging, I have been really busy to say the least. I really need some interns apply within.

Spock Obama aint even as busy as francis the easy one!

Shark life

throw it up!

First up is me and the pirate a little sea sick


Man ever since ali G came out he was killing shit and finally we get a fix ABOUT FUCKING TIME!
Bruno Movie Trailer

2 cool cats I wanna meet Bun B next he must be a ton of fun but GLC is a pimp ass dude! Ima come down to Atlanta and come see you in a hot one

Too much of anything is never enough when you are a bottomless pit!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

First and Last time raggatone will ever be on this website

So gangster I couldnt help it! Pitbull lays down a audience member in his performance!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Out of fraggle rock!

So aside from moving into a dope new spot and throwing my back out I cought the swine flew when I went to the emergency room cus I thought I broke my knuckle (delayed a week).
watch out sucka ducks that shit is in the air

Also some chick was acting super boushy at my homegirls crib I let it slide for a while than I lost it. took this flick that night, hope you still smashed that holmes im sure I helped your game if anything! I am the boushy one sucka duck!

Pimping is easy but latley I been sick and tired of everyone especially those with vagina's

The police were baffled who would steal clothes I wanted to say poor Hoodrats but yeah it prolly was just some bitches. Its a shame to walk in a pair of used shoes niggas musta been wearing some avirex or some other shit


Before I loose it forever here you go, last 3 years of fame

lost flick

Skitzo's (cams producer) note to bang! man I love bang

Trading in my car like hell rell said "they learning your liscence plate homeboy than switch your whip"

yeah son!

Feeling like a new man find me with the hoes hoes and the kush sucka ducks! life goes on pop the moet bitches

Once Again you can walk in my shoes but you can never ever be this fly!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love my mommy!

Sunday was mothers day hope you all did'nt forget

Speaking of mothers you let her down if you like these!

whats with these vandals these days?

Hit up Avenue A with the pirate say this dude in a kilt

Than had the Bartender give me some free advertising

I was crusing around bumping crime pays and someones car was on fire.

Don't quote me boy cus I aint said shit

I am not sure when I am gonna have internet again but I cant wait to watch this again!

and go to of course!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blazing hip hop and orange weed/ Aint nobody blogging around?

Homeboy of mine sent me a link saying gucci is sueing guess for using Gs on wallets and shoes, cant go half way anymore hoes. funny my away message a day ago went like I used to be all up in guess now I wouldnt even look at a hoe that wear it. or something like it

Crime pays READ THE SIGN! We finally getting our cam fix if you hate it ok we still rich...

left out photo that Duke took on my Gtizzy

Celebrities are normal people too! we all on the same freaky shit behind closed doors

Like South Park HOLY FUCK DUDE!!!!

This is something to write home about

faggot I am all about controling your hoe but nigga! Im gonna stop cus I will be here all day fuck that tho pussy nigga!

Cassie R&b chick let me get that

On another note, I dont have too much pics of me I might update this blog if outside parties release them. I woke up early and I am blaming it on the Goose if I am an ass today I'm drunk. Drunk blogging gone wild

What up young pimps

Peace to these fam they were fun wish we woulda broke bread beforehand....

Alcoholic wet wipes! you got your workout plans I got mine

Thank you very much!

THINK MORE!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


respect due you know I dont give a fuck young pimps

I am no hypebeast I dont wait in line I wait to get into the velvet rope...

security likes my 12th pocket, got in free pimp, fuck security nigga!

pimping bang and miss info (supposedly she sent 20 twitters)

Finally found my way upstairs had skitzo take a pic of me and Killa, nice ziplock!

Duke Da God and the young pimp taking it to church

When we all walked down it was kinda crowded while we were all packing the stage

so I went back to vip to kick it!

flashing lights

Happy cinco de mayo

had better seats than Duke Da God son!

I love you!

if only miss info wasnt such a gossip gal id SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Spent half hour in the VIP after someone told me I owe Sheist Bubz 1500 I was like why he like you are going around calling yourself white shiest. I was like listen homles you heard Cam just call me that, I know Sheist I am pretty sure he owe my ass about 2000

BULLET HOLES took some pics upstairs saw 40 cal too

baby girl I wanna know if you would wanna suck it or not?

bottom of the pussy...


suck it or not

BUT I do the fishnets!!!!!

my MO is grind out all day and mash all night blame it on the goose you are all welcome and thank you to all my dipset family for getting me backstage VIP I gotta say I am a fan of Cam and it was a dream! but that happens to me all the time, motion picture shit living a actual movie!
wheres waldo?