Friday, January 9, 2009

Business Time

I have been spending most of my time looking through fourms and blogs answering fan mail, signing autographs and checks. I also read about some drunk tourist in Bejing that was mauled by a panda bear when he tried to hug it, sounds like some shit id do!

I have also been trying to get back into the sneaker shit cus theres money in it. I am a sneakerhead a little even though I would rather pay a friend of mine to get em and not to stand in line like a Beast, that goes for clubs too ask my friends I will make my chariot arrive and ill be Cinderella quick fast! Anyway usually when I look at forums and shit I am just like gay, gay, gay, gay, gay so fucking gay I love it!

mostly because there's just way too many Jordans, dunks, air forces or just gay Tier Zero shit that I won't wait in line for when all a man needs is some basic shit like this with a few flairs. I know you all like ohh francis getting them teal joints or them purples shit maybe u right but im scheming on them black joints for fall..why you may ask well they aint dropping till! If they were dropping spring I might grab a bright one who knows GOOGLE IT BITCH!

spent a lot of time home today cruising the web and yeah there really doing this! Shit like this take my ass outta retirement! Yeah right!

Other than all this web surfing I do and bullshit when I pay the bills heres some kicks of mine that I have for sale! Most of these I was too lazy to ever bring to Flightclub some I wore and don't care to own...
worn once nike tweeds og status! size 9

size 13 new

size 9 10 10.5 and 11 i think

size 9.5 brand new

size 9 brand new

9.5 brand new

band new size 9 also semi worn 9.5

9.5 worn a handful of times still lots of love left

Email AIM me if anything you know what it is!

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