Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy MLK day this was my black friday!

this should be a very proud day for black people not only can they celebrate the legend of MLK but the inauguration of our new friend Obama.

I really didnt take too many pictures cus I was being a bitch, Lit was packed I was sober I went across the street to drink. Because we all know I am nice to people all day I need to get drunk to be nice to anyone all night!

It's not always about quantity my friend!

last and definitely not least we found Cory Feldman from the 80s!

class is in session tomorrow Let the hibernating begin... comes in good time for the well needed detox you guys been having my head spin! Everything from the job to getting drunk with snobs down to the blog shit has just gotten too stressful for words I apologize to my friends and associates, but man you got no idea!

I am not looking foward to this
I have a feeling its just me and the black sheep for tonight!

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