Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A year in blog

Well this is almost 2 things to celebrate here, one being the new year and 2 on January 2nd I will celebrate 1 year on this blogspot! Its been really fun this year and I had fun blogging it for friends, friends of friends, online friends and random people to bump into it, needless to say its been fun responses.

This is the year end wrap up for the blog, and as I said a few blogs back maybe didn't get into it too much... This blog originated when I had nothing to do and I called up tina like let's start a website and it'll be all me (I'm a little coincided I know) shit will be great people will love it cus I'm always up to some shit! Looking back on it, I know that's true but I almost can't show you a half of the half some cuz no one records it or well next year ill hire a cameraman and well edit it up well. Sometimes shit be too hot for tv for real! Anyway she had a job and shit to do or maybe she just thought I was crazy! Well she was right and now she knows I am write so this blog is moderated by her so if it sucks she's fired! Be nice its her first blog in francis' eyes

this year started me flying back and fourth to and from LA took I had like 3 layovers and about a dozen margaritas here

Valentines Date next to a pornstar! Not my date tho, LA RULES. NOT!

I spent a damn near 7 grand on alcohol, but imagine how much shit
I got for free.

The Nirvana baby grew up

I got some new nicknames to add to the classics like waldo

I am finally talking to douche again, YAAY!!!

Kicked everyone in the shoe-game's ass AKA I be kicking yo ass

I gave Hell Rell his first bong hit! And introduced hikm to keif and Headband (whatcha know about that?) You wasn't there!

Making a mixtape for the dips... WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!

I cleaned my house 2 many times to count

I quit skateboarding because it was too much liability without
insurance. But I could still bust an ollie out with no mothafucking
shoes on, what! If i had no jack in me that day, woulda done an 80.

Sadouche banged an asian and I didn't

I was either a dick or too high to any girl that started talking to me

I'm the only motherfucker who can find Santa in the Summer

I also found snow in the summer too or something cus I spent the summer dancing!

I got my nipples licked too many times, but this is the only one documented ONLINE

I was drunk roughly 90 percent of the nights

I made the word cock a random staple for my friends

I lost my cock Nohomo

I dressed up like Claudia.

She inspired me to buy gold panties too.


Best thing I ever did in 2008

but I was put onto the mustache swagger

Mustache swagger jacker of the year award goes to JHONI

Random shit in people's apartments award of the year goes to Mike Dextro

Claim of Fame: Most famous person I met this year award goes to Chris Arp

Person to fall asleep at the studio the most award of the year goes to Duke Da God.

Juan got his license this year

picture of the year!

We all know and love this guy just because we know he's the fag of the year ever since anyone of us has known him.

I pissed on the place that writes my checks

Double Whammy: Most baller dreds of the year award goes to random guy on St. Marks, other award, Mike Francis' worst outfit of the year award

NOT special effects makeup award of the year ...

Most ironic shit ever

stalker of the year award goes to (unanimously)

cleavage of the year

Nug of the year weighing 14.1

Best Picture Taken on the Cybershot

I got stickers made not to excited about them but heres the first batch! I was not responsible for the cock

Random fun facts
-I only broke 5 cell phones one was mine
-I made to Woodbury in only a years time [double shot in one month, too]
-I fell asleep to the Hot Chick 5 times
-I woke up as a hot chick 365 times
-I upgraded everything [from the computer to the mothafucking coach]
-I only made one sex tape, never to be seen again--nah, I'm kidding. I made 50. 20 dollars a view, pay per view bitch!
-I learned how to be a hipster. I even wrote the ballerest tutorial on hipsterism.
-I lived in 4 apartments. Imagine how many places I've slept in!
-still havent gotten around to writing what not to say to your girlfriend because I was too mean to get one
-I make Nike money on weed and spent weed money on nikes!
-I almost got beat up by women 3 times in the same bar funny thing is it was 3 different occasions

its a white new years on the East Coast break out your straws if u sniffing, the asti if u a bum and the Moet and Dom if U aint a buster!

2008 Was fly lost some friends made some friends, Made a lot of money and got a lot of haters... Had a lot of fun and those that ride with me shine with me, 2009 GOING TO BE POPPING MY G!!!!

see you next year!


Rosa Garces said...

Mr.'re the cherry to end '08, nothing but satisfaction!...I got you son, here's to 2009! one XOXO rg

Anonymous said...
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Franciseasy said...

got the wrong post sweety ;)