Thursday, January 29, 2009

Headband Fran hibernating with osama in the caves with all the riches...

I know I said I would keep this blog exciting since I am not a retarded drunkard, sorry I haven't its mainly because my life's been too intense lately! Something like a movie everyone knows I am in the fast lane, that's makes me more interesting than the creep u sleep with every other week. Any way people don't like a arrogant rich whiteboy in a piss poor neighborhood where theres more roaches than people and all the women look like trash!
I opened my door the other day to some cockroaches big, ugly and smelly anyway they ran away cus I am like cryptonite. Termite ass bugs cant sniff my tracks but probably can't afford a plane ticket! I slipped and fell on a pee shooter ended up in the ER! Thought I was gonna have a new nickname but after a day I don't think so! Hahaha if only I was wearing my headband, lol on the way to the bank!

Bum ass niggas shoulda been up on this shit right here! You wasnt there maybe you shoulda been!

Duke came over and this song came on!

Whatever you hear don't believe the hype, I'm good!

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