Monday, June 30, 2008

blogging is for pussies

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I piss all over flightclub literally

hypebeast bus with a broken arm

thats me

pee wee in the house

Friday, June 20, 2008

hot and bothered

As I sit here waiting for packages of shoes to flip I am infuriated with the world and people lack of keeping themselves together. 1 issue I have is Money, I personally dont have too much of a problem its everyone fucking else that loves to fuck with my money. I got a call from my dad hitting me up for dough, he lives all the way in Pennsylvania, and has some no name bank and cant call me enough times to try and get it. My lady wants me to get her a fucking taxi to get her ass here when a bus is no fucking problem in this county. These people I had lent money to can't pay me back to save there fucking lives cus there too poor and are lowlife potheads (go figure). people like as me for oh well lemme just pay you like in a week or a day its like get a fucking life, things cost money its very unfortunate to not have money but that is why we work. It sure aint for fun sometimes its even heath hazardous but we all need to make money anyway!! Life isnt fucking free, some asshole everytime I see him breaks my balls over a few bucks, yesterday I told him to shut the fuck up or delete my number!!
And its hard cus you know I pay more rent than almost anyone I know most friends/acquaintances pay jack shit or like barley nothing. still lets fuck francis!
why fuck francis?? cus francis is a nice guy!!! he tries to help therefor fuck francis!!!!!! stop fucking francis, HES HORNY OH MAN HES HORNY BUT STOP FUCKING HIM THE WRONG WAY SON!!!!

I say 2 family's today both were just the mom and 3 and 5 kids!!! both family's obstructed my walking or skateboarding. Because the ladies just were too over occupied to keep these idiot kids out of the middle of the sidewalk running around like mongaloids. I have nothing against people that have babies and would like to raise them right, but come the fuck on don't just let your kid raise themselves to be idiots. Man Ive neever seen a dumb asian kid, lemme tell you in Hudson County tho theres some dumb ass children being raised. And a lot of them for that matter... It kinda wasn't a big change from here and LA for me cus of the People pollution!!
There is a little more extreme but the amount of kids that are here is sickenning too. Think about it tho how great would it be if the world didnt have this many idiots lurking around. I mean it would'nt be that great cus there would be noone to rip off but hey

Monday, June 16, 2008

double the fuck dragon

forgot all about this here fun... no disrespect to these little lassies

Sunday, June 15, 2008

whats poppin...

waited in line for the dqm blazers...

found this...

jalapeano and spice cornbread...

room with a view

Friday, June 13, 2008

too busy to blog! to tierd to upload pics and having too much fun to type

Friday, June 6, 2008

8====D O:

well fucking A I have a blogpage that I have ignored for idk when the last post was well fuck you anyway. I have been busy working my ass off doing all kinds of shit, I am relocating 3 blocks away as per condo is sold. My mother is up for the week she leaves tomorrow, I dont know if thats good or bad I really fell bad I wish I had more time to chill with her and I didnt even get her drunk oh well maybe tomorrow! I got brand new everything and the new blackberry is making me happy as hell. KING OF THE CASTLE!!!

my mother came up and brought some shoes I ordered to her house and look what came with it!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

theres lots of talk of the new crackberry thats coming out...

well I cracked my berry time to upgrade
wanna buy it?

supposedly this guy goes out a lot

say goodby3 6215

I miss nibbler and I bet he misses my expensive beer

ying yang

look what happened to my sticker!!! I am pissed

I wasnt nice to him... I think he was happy he got his prostate massaged by a tranny dressed in vinyl and astroglide (I forgot why I flipped him off but I kinda knew this was blog official!)