Wednesday, April 30, 2008


BUY THAT DECK!!! available at Divisioneast online store I fuck with them cuz their Jersey people too! 
Well on friday night I had made some brownies for my flight the morning to follow ended up running to Love to catch some Trouble&Bass before I headed out of town for a few weeks.
Both the brownies and the Trouble were sexy as could be, needless to say the flight was good with no grogginess and I didn't even have a drink on the plane. Imagine that!! 
Any who I landed right on time for the opening of the Bathing Ape store on Melrose meanwhile I am not a loser so I was getting it on with me lassie. Later on it was off to the bomb margarita spot and then a house party in our crib. Why no pictures you may ask... well I had other priorities to pack and whatnot. I did bring my charger so I will have a wrap up when this is all over. but for now 5 minus 4 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

420 at bembe in BK

well first of all I was a little hung over and had crappy sleep due to the night before but I had to go out anyway cus I'm a fucking lush like that... had fun tho I was trying to get my boy to dance with a fat chick and hit on her. The deal was free drinks for her and him, he said no. I said id throw 50 on top, still did'nt wanna whats funny is 5 minuites later she came over to him blatantly trying to get some affection. oh well I would have dont it for 50 bucks shit even free drinks...
Only in brooklyn

This was a hot piece of artwork they had on display

This was from friday I forgot to post it or it got deleted I had to re add it just because its a funny fucking picture

Monday, April 21, 2008

Robot rock Friday...

game on
ran back into the photographer talked about Nikes and how its getting like very old very quick
my hats off to you...

look how drunk I am so early

DJ from Chicago alexander bassett

All I did was drink so obviously Im fucking done son!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

happy 420

Well it's good to be back in town at least for the limited time I am here for. I've been a little tierd and I can't say that I have celebrated for the holiday much today... heres the pics of my last day in LA till next time...
told you I was going to the beach
cali got it good for skating...

many skate flicks have clips in Venice heres a sexy one from an ill skater...

hypebeast store rouge status these people are resposable for those shirts with the guns allover them that cost 40 bucks pretty gay i know...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

yeah son lets freestyle!!!!

return from hiatus

Sorry I have not been coming through on the promises of being nothing but entertaining and all but fuck I have been stuck in echo park Los Angeles. Wanna see how bad LA is visit and see what I see speaking of the parrot I ran into the man at a cheap fish taco place here in wonderful (kidding) hipster heaven. Breaking news tho I have a few zanex left and a good amount of kush to bring for my airborne freestyles, and just in time for my friend mike dextro's party on friday. Let alone the amount of fiends breaking down my door for more fresh sneakers and brainfood. LA SUCKS IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY!!!!

nibbler was like my only freestyle friend

thank god for a shopping cart when i am parked a block away from flightclub la in 90 degree weather

tapes are like the old new future for music if only record labels would actually want people to listen to the whole album instead of being able to download it and like never even see what the artist has to say in the credits or whatever fuck iTUNES ok fine fuck them in they are a rich gimme money and ideas kinda way...

theres just as much homeless people in cali than there are balling ass cocksuckers

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

self medication

Yet again Los Angeles, California is letting me down so therefor I must self medicate!!!!