Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Raw footage

Oh shit read this
U.S. Airways has issued each survivor of the flight that made an emergency landing on NY's Hudson River on January 15th a check for $5,000!
HAHAHA I called that bitch! Don't believe me read the Muslim duck blog!

Any who since I have been in detoxing for the last day I have cleaned the mansion, watched Pretty Woman, Spaceballs, and The last boy scout. Other than that did some light shopping, made a few hundo but I also found some fun flicks...
gotta say by the the booze at some point prolly not done with her for good but until the time comes we meet again...

ill skate video...

heres a fun commercial saw a few days ago its for you! You may already know I don't believe in them but when push comes to bush sometimes it gets wrapped

Back to me! Make a cameo in this Hell Rell wideo!

another word from our sponsers

This is some spaced out stoner creep hop

A question to the groupies, the one timers and my secret admirers...


heres a few things I forgot to mention.
Was chilling with these two young ladies, there sister and two total tool bags drapped in Ed hardy and they were laughing at me! Giving me funny faces. I wish I had a picture of these meat head wanna be Guido's but I forgot the camera at home! Oh well they laughed there way to Pasha, jokes on you

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