Sunday, November 30, 2008

Like Aaliyah I am one in a millon

It is 6:13am I kept my sisters house cleaner than my own for this weekend and its not over nor am I sober. I lost my iPOD today, unless one of my lovely associates took a grab at it, oh well life has been too good to me. I left my house without a complete search so I may just put it on ebay when I have a new unreleased iPOD shipped fresh off a the smartest terrorists (apple).

Tonight was a bust everyone was tired (present company included) didn't make it to the city nor did the city make it here. I didn't really know if I could actually have as fun of a night with the same crowd 2 days in a row but I tried. Sometimes thinking small goes far but if you only think bigger you might just be better! I gotta get some more shit done before I go to bed and a ton to do in the afternoon tomorrow

haven't seen shiest in a minute nor have I ever seen this before... Well catch up later on today know what it is sundays we break bread maybe I will try to make peace after that

noone cares about a myspace when u got a buzzer!

Don't believe in talking in person only some bullshit text or a myspace?

I just deleted like 2 paragraphs about how I feel about peoples way of approaching problems, bottom line people love to talk shit but if someone stays France well they don't get a bomb dropped on them! We all have secrets but everyone knows my faults, there online! Anyway didn't wanna make this into a bullshit blog. I just feel some of the people that know me never did if they think I have changed at all, other than comfort which I don't have. Bottom line...
I love anyone that tolerates me even tho I can be a boushy bitch!
smooch I got a dream to have...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Riding Dirty

My friday started of late thanks to me staying up late to blog, anyway i didn't eat dinner anything till 9pm! it was banging I went with Ken and Tonia had ate bangin fish tacos had a crappy margarita went to NJ to get the black mobile drifted to East Rutherford to get the waffle. I was a block away and there was a DWI check poinT!!!!!
"You are the lucky 5th car, every fifth car gets searched" says the fuzz, "I said what did you make that up?" I pull over they ask all the right questions and looked in all the wrong places. Heart almost exploded as they were searching my person, I started to do my get off my dick hustle and asked if they knew how to tie a bowtie. The cop stopped rummaging through the car and said get the fuck out of here!

Finally got to JC went to the mansion to check on the pussies than hit up the cowboys and indians party

we had an interesting conversation

gotta love people with pirate shirts!

got stupd drunk left got bored than dressed up!

if u see a stalker yell squalleeeeeeeeeeee, got the fuck out of there glad I didnt get shot or raped walking around jc like that

Just got off the phone with Duke da God gonna meet up tomorrow to plan the takeover in 09. oh yeah we getting there baby step by step

Friday, November 28, 2008

This is what I have to give so be thankful

It is noon on black friday I am still awake and didnt get no crappy TV for half price, and still I give you this blog because u deserve it!

this is a clip from Artie Langs movie Beer League really funny, Artie is too fucking much is he still all like fucking retarded on heroin and like 3435lbs? that is so the next trend! yep fat drunk dicks is whats in for Spring you heard it on sexinthemouth

I smell this all day and I was hissing at it to get the thing to spray me and my sister for fun

I had a scratchy throat for a week plus until I ate this soup in Little Italy

I have the same magazine rack in my house only I prefer Club Confidential SHAWING!


did you ever notice when you drive in NJ and you miss a turn it takes forever to get the fuck back on your way! There is even places for "official u turns" but not for the public wtf!

scam after scam after scam

but its all worth it for the bird!

I will be hella awake but not in this county son!

I got lost for 2 hours but it was worth it cus I missed this woman

My neice has a myspace! yuk gross but the funny part is she has a unlucky amount of friends (ohhhh shit u like that don't fuck with me son!)

took the long road home tidied up the mansion than hit the promise land where I almost got drugged, and come to think of it I wish I didnt take it out cus my eyes feel like they are bleeding

mansion hopping is way more in season than bar hopping GET YOU SOME!



Claudia #2 is gonna have a few fun surprises

Man this video is gonna send chills down my sisters spine, don't worry honey no animals were hurt while taping this video

and last but not least this is a flick from last Saturday of 5 chicks I would totally do but

and with that I wanna say I have a ton of fun making these I hope you enjoy to see them leave some comments cus I know you peeping it and if u know I don't like you don't be shy u can have a return email of :D

+Bonus round 2
forgot I had to put this in here (give you something to do while I cook some more raw cus I know u feind for another blog)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving son!

last night was insane I think I am gonna post it later after I get back from the bird house. Get stuffed and be merry people...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Francis going wild in 09????

Man it's been a long year I can't believe its a month away from over, the summer flew by fall didn't even start barley and its a month away from winter! Started this year off on the East Coast and might end this year in Amsterdam! People are saying it maybe a rough Winter if so I am gonna stay hibernating, too bad this stud keeps meeting the duds or someone would be joining me some fine places. That is kinda a plus tho maybe I will actually do Mardi Gras 09, literally son!
Sorry I really don't got much for you my patients have been waring for a while I really wanna kill someone, so I think I am gonna chill today turn one of my pagers and 2 of my phones off and pay hommage to the late great pimp c.

Well heres of screwing with the less intelligent in cOctober that never made it to the press...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Terrorism Sunday Night

Yeah so its officially Monday its 2:17am for me, pretty sure anyone reading this is sleeping

I spent about 45 minutes in Webster Hall it was a 19+ event so I kinda figured id see people like this idiot

got a drink hopped on stage

got all the hot gossip

hopped ing a cab. can anyone guess where this is if u win ill give you some cake...

made it to claudia's funraiser around 1:30 or so

some people were already assed out

that is if they where not hawking the belly dancer

Mrs fFratelli was there beating away at the drums

these guys were cops if you couldnt tell, they bugged me out had to leave break out and put my backpack in the mansion but than everyone was fucking with them and it was kinda fun

than headed out to a few differnt houses...

forget her name cool chick tho

geek of the week!

terrorist of the week