Thursday, June 25, 2009

No more Michael JackSON!!!!!

I never got so many texts and shit in such a short time that were not threats RIP young pimp, you too Farrah.
I am the only smooth criminal left

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marilyn Mickey?

Ron English and Garageworks have made a toy with Marilyn Monroe with Mickey Mouse tits!?

U-god and Grand Puba show last Thursday

There was an ill line outside for the show waited in it for 5 minuites some little NYU chicks were behind us you could tell they were from Kansas or something. Started talking to us blah we left the line was about to just go somewhere else but the last minute got a chance to cut the line and get inside. Thanks again for getting us in Ria!

Got in had a few drinks this dude loved the stickers gave him a short stack

Bums are fun!

It was Ians B-day he was getting jiggy with it

U-god finally came on and ripped it with a good amount of oldies and a taste of his new shit

Turn your speakers down its loud

Got too drunk to stay for the Puba Peace

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mermaid day 09



I am not a mermaid I am a merman!

she looks like fun!

Mishka t-shirt?


Don't I know you?

Sea sick

Don't thank me thank Topher

In magic we trust

Happy fathers day sons and daughters! my daddy proud of me, he respects my pimpin. Church on the rise bitchassness on the fall. I will post the ugod blog tomorrow or later if I am not wasted, time will tell sucka.
First day of summer today get your wife beaters on and lets party!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Portuguese Mardi Gras????

Waiting for my peps I was amazed at all the festivities also realized that I had'nt charged my battery so I hit up the corner store got some throw away cameras

Ghetto doorbell

getting hype

There was tons of cops

and tons and tons of big asses!

and good times

free advertising

I wish I lived in a world of parties, everyone has a good time not all pissed off

Older people always love it I mean whats not to like other than the notorious Francis oh well I know I am an acquired taste

She asked what the site was I was like go see yourself on it

look how many fucking people are having a good time! hahahaha thats an easy pickins store made a appearance a month ago.

people were getting it in

Like southpark "Holy fuck dude"

on the way out

Kevin his girl and some cute chick

Shorty rock had similar swagger thanks for the ride home

Peace out sucka!

Best party since mardi gras got me bored today fast life makes normal shit mad boring yo.