Friday, January 16, 2009

Promotion night

I have been on a hating Manhattan rampage for the last few weeks, and since I have been on some fuck new jersey shit latley I was out the door. Got in the chariot and busted a move down to Santos to meet up with all my promoter people

as u maybe able to see I did some promoting of my own, I want new stickers so I am blasting though these want some email me!

all this blogger needs is a flask some drink tickets and a camera! gloves conditional

leaving beauty bar...

for some reason she stay with the cleavage sticker

happy endings...

gave a few stickers out omg I think he likes me

lena with a drop

see no boobs this time...

ima call this one 2 beer queer are you with me

Mr promoter, my sister and the new improved merry Francis

cloudia wasnt feeling giving me happy ending!

Went to lunch with my sister we had a great lunch at one of my favorite local spots, had a hilarious fucking conversation that grossed these tom dick and harry types on a date. As soon as she said why is it bent I lost it! anyway it was a good lunch and on the way home my sister said look at flipper, like Mahi Mahi flipper? This belonged to a life saver from yesterday most likley, so I saved it and it now resides in the west wing of the mansion.

Its gonna be a long weekend and i spent 80 bucks at the liquor store this afternoon lets rock!

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