Monday, July 30, 2012


Woke up on my birthday a little salty to say the least had very little sleep and just wasnt in the mood to be celebrating. I reached out to duke the day before and asked if he could get me into the ARAAB MUZIK concert had no idea that it was a big deal til later that day didnt hear back from him til I it was 3pm yesterday and he was all like grab that cab and come ur welcome to come though... Untitled Cyndi Lauper in the backstage tent with my homie sorry for the blurriness stolen from instagram... Untitled my people throw up gang signs this is what I throw up IMG_0261 IMG_0258 even vip gotta track through the mud IMG_0262 much love to the homie Joe Russo Joe Russo then I jumped on stage and he was screaming Franci$ I was looking all around then I saw him flipping me the bird lol IMG_0266 you may know the both of these dudes from Dipset beats to all kinds of hip hop ties now they are both global and on some other shit good to know everyones in a better place now tho IMG_0270 IMG_0283 MPC KING!!!! IMG_0311 BLOGGING IS DEAD I killed it for 5 years! IMG_0322 Lurking on the fuzz lurking on the police Rocky looking like he fin to knock this chick out rocky
rocky wasnt even there for asap was more happy to be with my people and enjoy the day it was raining for 20 mins was beautiful after that sunset IMG_0333 white cam Mel Cole showing up village slum Ferg Ferg Yams Ari menthol 10s asap yams IMG_0343 IMG_0345 Hipsters is that a skunk? Duke and company yams IMG_0356 "Goldie" IMG_0361 IMG_0365 IMG_0371 Not a sports car not a bmw wavy Sorry I get lost but Ive been here for years Untitled just a shark Untitled that loves the wolf grey wolf Gotta new one for u on the way still in the works wanted to treat u since I was... Happy Birthday to all of us Cheers