Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wet wipes and White Stripes

I have no idea what day this is and I am pretty sure its Tuesday but I am not 100% I haven't been researching for the blog.... I am getting sick of the bullshit lately, still very happy to breathe like I should be able too! Another thing I am not in the mood lately so don't go trying to pet a piranha, business wise or friends included all I care about right now is the young pimp! I love you all but stand in line I need some quiet time...

One day I shall meet pablito and hes gonna hook me up!

Thanks Janessa but I do things my own way, thanks tho. spice life was in effect a little for a minute, got bigger fish to fry tho CHURCH to the co-signers!

pretty bird

had a photshoot in the garden of ballerness...

odd couple...

swans... sorry its not something that interests you but I enjoyed it

I have been a bad duck lately tho... bittersweet

I was born into aviation that's why I am so fly! Infatuated...

this is where you take the stragglers...

aids crew pimpin it good looks THEN!

went to litm for a church session with the team saw this gay shit, dude was like do you wanna buy it I was like no its ugly I want to make fun of it for looking like a cock! "oh"


Embrace my concept my batting average is up and my defense is impeccable I am fend to be the rookie of the year!

listen to this pimping than watch... if you laugh too church!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tips appreciated...

Send all fan mail to

This was me yesterday!

just like 50 "I aint the type to get knocked for DWI! fuck I forgot that track what is it? Wrong track but you get the fucking point, you better crack the whip man! Lord knows I am as hardheaded as 50 "too much pride to hide catch me outside, gun in my pocket, you stunt and ill stop it, im dying to pop it, Im young and Im restless..." really francis is bout to blow up you know me, hop skip and a jump away from royalty bitch!

respect us or die trying!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Embace my concept, pimpin real life working that green like a professional. CHURCH!

Twitter is great if you are trying to have your friends stalk your ass...

I was the one that wrote dumbass, Next time you get drunk and try to fuck a ugly bitch put your ring in the 5th pocket not your dress coat DUMBASS!!

Got a haircut my barber was telling me his Kanye sightings in Soho, I got a call telling me to go to Manhattan to meet up with Kanye and Glc. I just spoke with GL the week before and I met him right before his debut on 106 and park. I had to run back to NJ than played limo X taxi tag with them whe I came back to midtown where GLC was showing off these Air Yeezy's that are going for 2500 on ebay... hey weren't you just on 106 and park?

I like my footwear more

GL is a really dope dude took us all out to dinner after we chatted a while over some brain medicine. He liked the mustache, said I had mustache pimping! I didnt know he was such a pimp he even quoted pimp c " eat so many shrimp I got iodine poisoning" Church!

only thing this tells me is you only live once, pick and choose but I choose liberation!!

church ride

tisk tisk married woman!

I think LA makes girls dress like idiots! It happened to me once, I am glad it didnt happen again! its over Christina Milian

this is whats new in the lost and found bin... First person to email me its there's First come first serve pimpin!

Keep your pimping up and your words to a minimum if you aint saying shit pimping calling my name. And I don't call names but stay the fuck from round me! Fuck I wish I went to mansion with you guys I been needing to well somethings don't appear on blogs...

good morning...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

If you live in Michigan and your 16 ill fuck you?? hahahahaha

I have no idea who you are but I felt the same way at 16 son! This kid is like a magician the way he pulls chicks I am sure...

million dollars would be cool yeah son you right

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Morning Heres my Video Blog

Kim Kardashian has a viedo out called "How to fit in those jeans by Friday" man I need a movie to tell me how to get in them jeans by Friday heres why... all jokes aside I have been drinking champagne and margatitas so much I should actually check it out...

Wow I am a dick to people I really have terrible social skills, my waiter liked me for the most part maybe he will check my blog maybe not I left all my stickers somewhere because I got....

Hitlers birthday is on 4.20. tina do I have to suck your cock for those pics or what
(NO HOMO FAGS SHE HAS A VAGINA) I am sorry if this offends you it kinda does me too and its not super imposed its just iMAC love as am I no hatred towards anyone in specific that respects me... I only hate people that cant respect anything. not a hater at all only reason people think so is cus I am not trying to fuck everyone in which I do feel better than some!

This the shit you play when you ready to makeout for all you 12-17 year olds. shit really really get you there

stay tuned for the return of the mustache swagger...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 4/20/09 video

Like my aim states "Oh yeah I forgot to mention I don't work on holidays

View More Free Videos Online at
stupid bitch...

smoking in the rain

Whatever you do Dont do crack!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Too Drunk to Blog

I am not sure if you read my blog and never understand it, but I did today and man I wished I didnt post yesterdays shit till now. I just thought I was gonna be busy tonight oh well cant win them all. I need a editor!

I really meant my little baby is famous like a here heres why! This is my sons brother!
And I dont mean Bang Cam or the 3rd party which hates chemical pot (forget your nme sorry) I am talking about the snake fucker!

Cam'ron "I Got It For Cheap" Prelude (The Bakery Pt2) from Miss Info on Vimeo.

I really need to keep my shit tight any interns welcome once again and as always FRANCIS PHOTOGRAPHY IS A SNAKE BITE AWAY! You better know how to work tho this is what the waffle gets down with, s&m!?

I guess she works for Dipset now??? cus Duke couldnt stop talking bout vanessa del rio...

your so fired you dont tell me how to black and white on the g10? and you hang with JF? OH MAN i AM BROKEN!

goodbye mustache swagger and lip ring reopening it when I get rid of the stache btw...



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love my car but its great to be the...

HAPPY BDAY Sextro, thanks for driving you saved me a DWI and what up Mae dont let my hippie friends fuck you up!!

I guess there was a band I was still stuck on last blogs headband I still don't get what that is?%$#&??

I really look like a douche I am gonna shave soon I swear! this joke isn't funny anymore

You want jokes? oh dont worry I am about to break your bladder in a few more blogs

I have been acting like a fuckface lately

exposed dicks

Got reunited with a great friend this week, I am glad to be squared away I love you and all you have helped me with and I swear if you actually read my blog and see this just know I always respected you! Not like you'd read my shit anyway. sorry and good morning!

I am a fucking idiot!!!! check my new specs tho!

Yes officer I am a photographer I run a blog heehee

btw I just fucked you! took my ass to bed woke up in a Extra terrestrial form went to Manhattan for a good dose of clarity! More than most its hard to say it, but alcohol is that comfort

smutty francis getting perved out at starbucks I <3
I recall central park in fall SAVE FERRIS!!!!!!


I kinda wanted to make fun of my friend here but hes dope. I love Central park! I wish I was rich to live there thats like our North Hollywood!

top hats! still the dude was loving my crooks beanie!

Right smack damn in the middle

birds on a wire

I wanna take my mom on one of those cab rides! I love Barbra!

I went to Manhattan to a go to the bank and whole foods but if you ask me this is why I was there!!!!

I also like birdwatching

just realizing I hadnt showered for 2 days I still felt like a arrogant european douchebag but I still knew ed hardy is for self proclaimed retards (kept it cool)

thanks for the head fuck face!

you cant sue someone taking a picture? wait can you?

I know, I could so be that guy. but it was in Gucci store and I got noone to show off to! one fucking day tho!

bird watching the bird watchers

sneak tip

white bitches

jungle fever back an fourth

hipsters suck ass!

I made this girl fucking blush through glass! I felt like king of the fucking white people!!

she definitely didn't make me wanna throw money away on fake shit!

yeah les amused by the second!

the black unibomber!

dirty bitch

all you could eat indian couldnt handle this whole plate!

thank me and you are welcome!

best mojito of the year!

He is a backdoor man 3 months old already hollywood!

creep shot

Ive eat more chicken than you've ever seen!!