Sunday, March 29, 2009

When I am mobile I am global

Stayed in Friday Sat was a great day! Sunday woke up to the worst weggie burger (reminded me of jail), didnt phase me I was in a great mood spent the day riding round picked up some old friends and was out

hit the park up drank a bass ale first one in a million years! All the kids were chillin

This is creepy! old ass creep

I thought I did some crazy chicks in my day, my man blue right here proved to me that it could be worse

yeah sure... right on

mullets are hip down here in Ironbound. funny cus these old fucks looked at us we were looking at them like there tools

looks hot

sneak tip

baller status

I still did not shower at this point for about 20 hours... at this time I am blogging this I still haven't oh well good thing I am alone...

Dude right here remembered our names for like 3 hours, man I usually ask someone what there name is 3 times in the first ten minutes. Anyway we paid the check this girl at the bar was like hey I love your shoes and your style she was a blanco Brazilian chick her bf was not amused to say the least!!!

Had to pee went back to the place double parked in front... Picture me rolling

Now that I have everyones attention

I know Im sexii but this aint a tv show theres no reason to watch me Im on another level son!

Sorry don't got a hot blog for you spent the weekend looking for a car and found it! Hallelujah and one (g)love.

You already know

took a ride out to a party that had a ramp in it

some decent skaters is that punch shit related to MSK?? idk

spent a little time watching the fun but it was crowded I got out

I keep forgetting about the stupid throw away cameras gotta get them developed that should bring me out of a blogging recession for now heres one sexy pussy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As you may have noticed I have upgraded the wite a little, I get possitive responses to this everyday thank you all and a special shout out to Bjorn for collaborating with me. It was fun doing it, crackhead Alex came over at 4a man hes a nut but sort of amusing in small does, he didn't understand what we were doing at all. Asked what we were doing like 15 times, still was cool seeing this come to life, defenetly expect some more but for now see how it came about...

preview of the new stickers...

Again Bjorn is the coolest hes in my blog good reason to go look through it, I know a lot of you are newbies heres the throwback at noon.

Black to the berry see the water marks? Fuck it's still kicking, good thing I just had a new one shipped what 2 weeks ago? I like twitter but I never look at it

I have been happy trying to take some time off but its so hard...

P.S. to all the haters and non believers I don't fuck with your life don't fuck with mine if you can't fuck with me suck a dick or die biting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Take it off chick bend over lemme see it, RIP PIMC C

I hate Don Hills its small tight wait that sounds good.. lol, anyway I went cus I said I would got a drink killed it drank another (getting bored...) contemplating just leaving. I didnt and I was glad I didnt pull another Cinderella act, cus it turned out to be fun. Its funny before I left I said I wouldnt wanna take pics of people getting naked cus I didnt wanna look like a creep. As the title and all implies I was a creep at the end of the night...

These stickers are nearly extinct (yay) I fucking hated them from the start wanted new ones asap but now that theres about 40 in my possession I miss them.. Gonna work on the new ones tonight, got the idea while I was well...

Yeah I am thinking the same thing as you WTF?

I wasnt really taking pics of dudes cus I didnt really wanna peep it but look what hes stuffing in his pants

ugly white girl sandwich

Fucking Serenade man! funny as shit homey went to go check his coat and checked his pants as well, I was like damn I shouda rocked the party pants

Michael T

Homeboy on the right look like steve-o

too late for some flapjacks

more pancakes

I posted a not on this on my flickr account it says yuk


No idea how this ugly bitch won

Id rather go home with hot topic/flapjacks here...

my money would have been on this chick tho shes dope and well put together, classy is the new trashy

but yo this chick really should have won same face shes making is how I feel about her. Orgasmic!

yeah your not on heroin