Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thats a fake mustache!!!!!!

franciseasy as bobby digital

I love the guy that said this!!!!

Ok believe me now I am tired Jersey City is killing me softly, but I love it I just have no time to do anything that isn't humorous. All these jokes are adding up and I need another personal assistant, maybe even someone to do some dirty work. Got out of this small town for a bit here

where the fuck has Mike Oquendo been? Faro get up son!

well get back to that

This girls nickname is hams!!!!!!!

Noone wanted to draw that, and can I see your ID again?

I don't really think I needed this shot

My calender is still on that page, (It is monday the 28 btw)


Like my jokes?

I don't drink shit with thermometers in it after thursday night

I am happy this one stayed up wait till one of my hating ass fans takes it down!

take a closer look!

watch out somebody wanna get roofied!

Saturday night was chill, thank her for bow tie lessons

Sunday time for church
The brazilian festival was bananas while I was trying to make babies mother fuckas was loosing kids

Look at this happy family


Yo bazz wheres the vip treatment?????

partied too much he puked

Maybe we should have worn ed hardy, woulda done better.


I got a snake mayne

did someone clone corky?

samuri sword meat

what happened to santos party house agian oh yeah I remember

fuck u2?

this chick was the dopest there!

My man was trying to sell a 10,000 pack of roofies, I did'nt buy them but I regret it.

time to go bother people

I am gonna learn Portuguese and go back next year