Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reconstuction of Francis

I know I may come off as a dick in person and on here, wow that wasn't worded well.
But it's mostly arrogance and alcoholism that helps me be as assertive online and when I meet you when I am drunk! It was a personal choice of mine to cut the booze out for a while give my body a tune up before I keep going out looking to get the woofers blown. I don't want you to worry though I promise I will still keep it live over here!

Since I have been home alone with limited visitors, unlimited weed and netflix I been watching some oldies but goodies!

Watched some old movies with John Candy in them... including Who's Harry Crumb, when he's the idiot that knows all and is the master of disguise!

I remember being like young as hell crushing on this girl cus she reminded me of my first kiss I gotta facebook that chick I bet she's hot now. prolly married tho!

Than I watched National Lampoon's Vacation, I love chevy chase in this one, I forgot Candy was in this one too!

Just cus its heres a shout out sex in the mouth

I hope my fake sponsor doesn't get mad at me glorifying drinking haha!

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Planet Queenie said...

Classic fucking photo!!