Saturday, January 24, 2009

Your supposed to light my fire not blow it out bitch!

-I realized my mom wanted me to be a chip and dales dancer
-lime disease is the new hot drug
-Big dreams of getting fed grapes in a jacuzzi could start off with getting grapes thrown at me in a bath!
-if u cant breath its cus of champagne
-if im a pothead your a nothead

This past weekend was a dragh sober went to a bar sober drrrh had a beer got sleepy... Went home early (3:30) stayed up alone late. Saturday met Cam'ron in his crib in Jersey, and today the only one Diplomat I never met Jim Jones got sentenced for kicking Ne-yo's ass in The Louis Vuitton store in Manhattan. Right on son

Hell Rell just left (mid blog bonanza)
Ruga, Cash, Sir Francis the easy one

man this blog is over like I was sober!?

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