Thursday, February 26, 2009

boring blog

yeah yeah we still here

Lindsay Lohan looks like iggy pop wtf!??

found this on a nature walk

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!!

Johhny cash was American icon and will stay one for a very long time believe that! If you never heard of him or listened to his music I hope you go do so because hes a legend! Pay homage to this man or burn in a ring of fire!

I remember seeing this on mtv when I was in a different state of mind like wow I forgot how real music is. He made a new meaning to not only this song but made a regular person see the eyes though a unhappy person

men in black

This guy even inspires rap music! fuck max b nobody cares about a dead man walking!!!!!

You can sleep with me but u can never sleep on me vol 2/ Osama came to our cave with some AK-47

The state of New Jersey voted this monday to leagalize medical marijuana, the 14th state in the nation! My guess is we'd a been #13 anyway RIGHT THE FUCK ON!!!!!!

I really wanted to smash the old iBERRY but I gave it to a homey of mine cus Im nice like dat! And as the clock struck midnight I spilled some vodka on the verizonBERRY and it malfuntioned goodtiming but like fat joe jealous ones stil enVY2

New Orleans rocks!

My chest is for sale!

I am also selling some streetwear. I am sick of looking like a kid, I posted a bunch online if you want the link holler. I already sold this tho sorry!

My man hit me up online thinking I had a online boutique...

someone sent me this pic said there LA ravers I say there just gay fags and skank hoes!

women come and go and I just miss the real Mike D

this is dope!

Spending time surfing the net I found pics of Christina Milian from her new king magazine spread fly! I still love you Mya and my wife I never told you about, I found her in a boutique and shes from Tokyo. Now if I can only remember her name I will be good.

after Christina teased me

not really watched revenge of the nerds 2:nerds in paradise great movie man!

speaking of porno!

and smoking dat

I spilled vodka on my new iBERRY if I dont text you black thats why
Franciseasy is out like lights

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy fat tuesday! Mardi Blog 3.0

A little viewing music

Woke up Sunday at like 2:30 or 3:30 don't remember cus I didn't change the time on my blackberry so I was screwy the whole weekend. This is the last day of the party for me and it seemed like I was just getting into it, I really could have stayed another day realistically I was spent tho I still am as I am writing this!

all pussy no tail

N.O. got some unique graffiti

I love this building!

this dude was doing some ill shit

like I was saying before people do all kinds of shit down here for some scratch and help the effect of the celebration

I bought this piece from one of the vendors I am glad it made it back to Afghanistan in one piece! He was a really nice dude if you wanna check out his shit go to got some dope shit for sale!

walked back to bourbon street where all the action is at

some dudes doing extra long beer bongs

a old lady and her blowup doll

I saw those piles of shit while waiting for a gyro at a little stand I kept attempting to take pictures of people stepping in this shit, although many did I didnt succeed mostly because I didn't wanna get beat up by jocks BROUGHHHHH

Ive got big balls youve got big balls

didnt really know what to think about this dude

jester daiquiris are the shizznit!

The point and shoot isn't always as fast as I would like it especially here everything happens so fast!!!


there is a gay section of Bourbon st at the end of the strip

Francis always has the mini skirt blues!

dude was shaking so much he had to sit down to take a picture!

big franciseasy

bird watcher on the low

shoot or get shot

Bourbon street is fun I must admit but it gets to be too much at times for me too many jocks saying broahh and show me your tits. Its also really annoying to walk there at times and theres tons of shit to do so we walked around

seen this chick in a previos blog

they had beers

stay spiced up son!

although Chirag didn't make it his pops did

get your wet wipes

cock head

window shopping

right on






these geek twins with un matching matchig outfits sorry girls not into the 2 dollar outfits but these cats are

is this really east la?

and I thought she was wearing a shirt!


I got jokes


I love this dudes tag

Ian is in a metal band named thy there from NJ if you wanna hear some shit or try to do him THY's myspace is

Ian getting it on with the playgirl shag wagon

even the homeless are tight

homey found a phone I frisked it for naked pics found this instead

did a little of that my damn self

had a final drinkaroo

This was fun vacation besides cops treating me like Rhiannna, other than that it was cool ate some good food, walked around drinking champagne out of the bottle, shit we even scored pot. Which is good cus I didn't feel like flying with it cus I had too much money on me. I can definetly see myself going again I hope this blog helps you want to come along next time, it would definetly be doper with mad poeple until next time...