Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Son

well after having such a long thursday I figured I would go have some drinks on mischief night, and now i feel like the this

Its gonna be a long day I can already tell it took forever to get out of Manhattan, now im stoned at the mansion about to try to wake up take a shower and smoke some more maybe drink some coffee or something, but for the meantime just remember...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

what the fuck is sex in the mouth?

had a long 420 and afternoon I just got home from the halloween store on Broadway and 11th and lemme tell you it took not only 10 minutes to walk from one side to the other but another 30 minutes to check out! Came home ate some wholey foods saw papi now its time to make my costume mop, wash my floors and clean the mess that has been accumulating here at the mansion.

hustle kicks

a pussy and a cock

cock eye

hot shit right here

this guy was asleep the whole night

its a sign

that people don't listen to

oh these damn dames they want that


cant stop fucking with the passed out dude

anyway I finally finished my outfit and opened up a new care package and its smells very extra terrestrial son, I got a lot of shit to go through but same story no time to get it done

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't give me permission unless your sure

A friend of mine which will remain nameless cus you pussies love gossip, anyway he sent it to me on aim and I replyed like wow can I make fun of them? so here we go
Now If I was a boring looking white chick like the two on the ends id never take off my clothes, another problem I have with this picture is that there is a chupacabra in the background, imagine just imagine screwing one of these college hormone ridden ugly chicks and this beast breaks in like sqwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and joins in the fun!I am crying already wow idk tell me what you think tho send me a email or something

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can't stop the clock but the clock can stop you!

OK I know I just just just re-edited the last post but I got the updates for you that will make you not want to look at that last blog to save your masturbating 4 times a day ass! I am writing this as I am on the end of a bottle of prosecca, but I have been reading around in my neighborhood news came across this...,
and let me say it is an honor to live in a safer neighborhood and god bless these guys (I know I have already pulled this card but hey fuck you if you wouldn't have pulled it

well anyway with shit popping off all over my hood

I have been taking it slow and keeping some privacy for myself if you didn't notice if you called me like 2139029380225 times, btw I know it's getting annoying but hey I wanna live too son! Oh yeah tho ate an awesome dinner last night, forgot how good brie and raspberry is heated together. Still have no costume or a good Idea for one but I love my new perm swag its doing even better than the mustache, now I realize a mustache is just like a must have for this dirty bastard

called my mom today maybe ill holler at pop dukes in the morning its hard for me to check all of you all the time just remember that son!
whatever man come check the headband im fucking done son cus I wanna check out that indian kush too.... I can hear them knocking!

hungover from too much THC son

spent the weekend sleeping late and getting blazed

dave the five on a sack fag formerly dimebag dave came through today Bang re-named him this as I clicked took the flick

guess who's tongue I will give you a bong hit

ill give you a guess... its not mine son

I was looking for a notable throwback Cam'ron couldnt find nothing good but stumbled onto this one... very funny makes me laugh maybe it will make you to...

I am still kinda out of it so im out for now

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Friday was a long day to say the least broke night doing not much of anything at all fell asleep to Aqua Teen Hunger force. Woke up after 1 sat took it easy in the afternoon than got motivated to get some things done as doing the usual hood shit. Did entirely too much to start caring to share but I didn't have a camera on me so there is no photos either. Sat around bong bong till like 2am than decided to go to the city texted a friend than went to the Yacht on the Hudson, and it was swarming with white people so I decided to walk the plank. I really cant hang with a bunch of rich yuppie people it urks me, no matter how baller it is... so I went back to the mansion

Look the HUNDREDS likes the cock too

threw out my garbage and found this pervert in the alley

just for fun here you go

Friday, October 24, 2008

spooky thursday X platnium kush


Really starting to feel like Halloween cus people have candy in there houses and there are ghouls lurking around... (CLICK THE PIC TO SEE THE WHOLE IMAGE)

and a lot of gossip

and lucky witches

what happens in Tower West stays in Tower West

I am telling you...

got seals clubbing babies

that's what was in the bag not to mention the new vile of poison

cant get enough of this witch son!

spookier things happen fucking with this though, you get a real insane club...


got a lot more to say but a bunch of laundry to do as usual

Thursday, October 23, 2008


With all the gay shit thats been going on lately weather it be people acting like vaginas and dicks, trick ass marks being mark ass tricks, or how everyone all upset shiesty cus there not doing well. Usually I am in the mood to stir shit up more but I could give a fuck about everyones bullshit lately.

If you never had the pleasure of sleeping with me...

my hair may look like this

I woke up with a call from what I thought was a associate of mine and I said cock till he hung up, when I called back I realized it was for the refrigerator. So someones coming to look at it and in the meantime I am taking a better look at this piff. I will get back soon til than here you go