Thursday, March 27, 2008

its a zoo here in LA

traffic for days man DAYS!!!!

gotta be the most well dressed birds

keepin it gator keepin it gully like funk master flex used to say in like `01

#1 hypebeast bird!!!

#1 person that needs to get his ass back to the east but not before I go to the fucking beach

last night out on the east!

first of all I really hate those people that say they hate hipsters
these people are a great display, fresh out of urban outfitters and all

the official photographer of the event

HERE'S a great shot of me covering someone's face with heavy metal

I was told to stop smoking many once I threw out the stoggie and lit another fag cus I left the kush at home!!! fucked!!!

top hat that can't get enough attention

yeah son dance with your non hipster ass

yeah baby run it

lives in LA for a few months and is reppin already even tho she hates it hmmmn..

she on the other hand is just like dont look at me I didnt drink all the vodka (thats right it was I)

oh man if I only remember what happened with this character all I know is he got more verbal abuse than physical

everything must come to an end

Monday, March 17, 2008

aint nobody blogging around

some drunk dude ran into a display of dogs at a gas station and his dumb ass didnt drive away

poor little doggies oh well im sure they have been on sale for years the owners were prolly mad happy

these people were taking pictures for there myspace

and I was taking pictures of them to call them gay fags

so go try to seek them out on myspace

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

somethings about the weekend dicking were left out! like a here here it go...

somehow I forgot to add these jems from the weekend! enjoy I am going through very bad times, my throat hurts and it hurts to smoke weed and all the weed I have is very strong so therefor I am not smoking. had a great time visiting Bay ridge BK today sorry if I had brought a camera, I would have documented the first hot girl on my old block... and she was wearing nikes!!!! fuck enjoy


Friday, March 7, 2008

not everyone has a skatepark in front of there house...

I have to say ever since I have returned, I have been the least bit amused to be in New Jersey. the only thing at all that I have been enjoying other than waking up with a hangover is...

which is placed right in front of my building down like 3 sets of stairs. only thing is gotta go under a fence, but hey it makes skateboarding a crime...
Other than this monstrosity I am fucking bored and lonely with virtually nothing else to do. The pirate is too busy being a womanizer and working to freestyle, and I seem to just not answer the phone for absolutly anyone else cus its all a waste of time.
Not too much to look foward to this weekend but drink and smoke kush, next week the misses is coming to NJ for her break and I will prolly more bored and aggravated with life. oh well at least I don't smoke dirt weed...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

bad days for some...

So as my return to the wonderful east coast so far the only really good time was almost getting thrown out of a club cus I had sour diesel in my pocket and the bouncer coming to check my hands every so often to see if I was doin it up. Some people were not that fortunate that night, a friend of mine had gotten arrested for a lot of plants... Me on the other hand fell ok and just happy to be alive and in good hands. The condo is still on the market so if anyone needs a fly crib on the fliest block in New Jersey inquire within.
The next few weeks shall be spent selling my shoes and looking at schools by day and Rumbear better know as Rumba by night. and breaking news a jaja just told me I am rumbeando!!!!! I am the new testament I suppose

FREE MEGAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND these people also had a bad weekend

Sunday, March 2, 2008


in a nutshell

what would pimp c do????

good times

this place is crazy you have to pay for everything even to piss

nothing beats a new deck

well maybe some hanky panky


I wish I could promote like this...

love it


enough ducking around for me

IM out!!!!