Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am not a slut I just pose as one for fun

Summer so far has been interesting to say the least, my camera is still in the shop so blog can't visually describe it well enough. Through all the shoot outs, bbq's, failed beach attempts, parties, bottles of champagne ect. heres a little bits and pieces.

7am horror scene

nobody knew how it happened, when in doubt blame the chupacabra!

Andy Rourke acting a fool!

This is how I blog^ without a real camera V

free advertising = priceless!

wheres waldo?

This chick got offended by the sticker, fucking hippies should like free sex in the mouth I mean they are all about free love...

Brooklyn life from now on get used to me

Friday, July 24, 2009

Live via Lamp Post

The heart throb of the hood that never could
Old flick of me half a decade old...

Look into the trees

This is all tha can put me to sleep right now

Thursday, July 23, 2009

too hot for francisTV!!!!!

No matter why you look at this blog (stalking me, bored, saw a sticker, or random) I have been busy and without a good camera I feel theres no need I will make a comeback soon. Till than free Iran!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We had this conversation

you know who you are...

bits and pieces of independence

Ok well I have been on a blogging recession for a little while as some may know I have 2 broken cameras now, the g10 will be back in my hands soon. But its been great I get sick of taking pictures of everything it takes away from the fun, at the same time its also not that bad and I look forward to it. Here is july 4th weekend sorry its late


This is from my sony 7.2 megapixel cam I forgot how to even upload on that jammy, kinda another reason why this post took a year well that and apathy...

dancing tony standing

Aliandindo up in it with some snazzy shit on his fade +

dont know where that hat is

I want more


he is higher than all of us

I really need a secretary yo


dumb jersey girl falls in a manhole

texting is dangerous when your a dumb jersey girl


I am sure all of you have seen the kid shove a remote in his butt to let out aggression, this kids hilarious. His little brother made a youtube to just fuck with his older insane brother, I love it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


If you think the shore was bad than go to wildwood or seaside now and see how gay it is...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

FREE Franciseasy from the bullshit

Sorry I have been so ghost lately there has been a lot of running around, late nights, hiding and hibernating, hangovers, dutchmasters, politics, death of stars and my G1o. But I am still here I do live and blog my cameras in the shop. I will take the sony and the iPHONE to record anything I would actually post heres a missing one

Sleepless nights breathing holding the pillow tight, I cannot wait for that last kiss goodnight

No magical mystery tour for me thanks

Went back to Happy endings but they took away the special room where theres free sex in the mouth all over. The drive there was fun bar was in the car, 2 dollar redstripes thanks to the corner store. good looks fun times but this would have been fun too.

I didnt bring my camera cus I am sick of working for free glad I got a few pics tho


that too

Happy douche day!!!!!

Diana turned me into Robert Smith

Magical Mystery tour De Francois

4th of July weekend lets party

see you in a minuite