Monday, January 12, 2009

She always on E and I stay with O's

This weekend was cool I didnt really fuck with my camera tho, half way cus Im sick of all this free sex in the mouth! I mean why you get it for free when I gotta pay? Fuck it usually I am all about the blog but all these raises I am getting are going to making me lazy! Anyway it's a good thing at least you wont see my retarded ass allover the blog on some slefish shit as usual, not to mention I like my privacy!
Didn't have very crazy weekend there wasnt too much to blog, I did have fun tho! Sunday was my first day off in forever spent the evening in Manhattan. This blog is Francis free and me coming out of my hibernation!
someone said I should cop this cus I don't stop with the jokes

brownies were fun!

that helped obstruct my vision

i found misses waldo

one of my homeys via internet sent me this came from a LA blog hmmnnn!!! gotta love it! gitta miss it!

now adays girls arent the only ones giving me mixed signals!

Went sex toy shopping with a friend of mine after dinner I pulled out a camera and they were yelling no pics I was like sure after this one!

left that place said thanks for the picture habib responded die you fuck or something of that sort went across the street had to buy this cus it was a great joke from a old romance... nohomo no incest! Look foward to much fun with this one I gotta go back for the pig and cow next oh man these are gonna make some fun nights at the mansion. Tried to have a threesome with my new friend the lamb but wasn't working out to my advantage

my recession buster got me spending a lot more on every meal fuck what you heard!

I put my lip ring back in idk why tho

I want one of these for every bathroom in the mansion

I want one of her for every room in my mansion!

Ill call before I come I wont just pop up over...

has anyone seen my assistant?

someone brought this to my attention and I got a good laugh over it! Kanye X Louis
Vuitton, maybe they look good in person not if there patent leather as it looks!

I am telling you it was great not to answer the phone all day it really felt like heaven! This is what heaven looks like!

Oh yeah I opened my door mad at my buddy on the phone I said something about it he put it on speaker and I heard Killa Cam! If I didn't have a job to do I coulda been in Miami as a extra and a provider oh well, Sexinthemouth gonna give the Bottom of the pussyhole song 1st. take your blog down the corner and up the block my shit be rocking corners & g spots!

This video is hot fire!
Wanderlust - 2d

if ud rather bang your head go here!

MF DOUCHE OUT! Ill keep you posted!

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