Sunday, November 30, 2008

Like Aaliyah I am one in a millon

It is 6:13am I kept my sisters house cleaner than my own for this weekend and its not over nor am I sober. I lost my iPOD today, unless one of my lovely associates took a grab at it, oh well life has been too good to me. I left my house without a complete search so I may just put it on ebay when I have a new unreleased iPOD shipped fresh off a the smartest terrorists (apple).

Tonight was a bust everyone was tired (present company included) didn't make it to the city nor did the city make it here. I didn't really know if I could actually have as fun of a night with the same crowd 2 days in a row but I tried. Sometimes thinking small goes far but if you only think bigger you might just be better! I gotta get some more shit done before I go to bed and a ton to do in the afternoon tomorrow

haven't seen shiest in a minute nor have I ever seen this before... Well catch up later on today know what it is sundays we break bread maybe I will try to make peace after that

noone cares about a myspace when u got a buzzer!

Don't believe in talking in person only some bullshit text or a myspace?

I just deleted like 2 paragraphs about how I feel about peoples way of approaching problems, bottom line people love to talk shit but if someone stays France well they don't get a bomb dropped on them! We all have secrets but everyone knows my faults, there online! Anyway didn't wanna make this into a bullshit blog. I just feel some of the people that know me never did if they think I have changed at all, other than comfort which I don't have. Bottom line...
I love anyone that tolerates me even tho I can be a boushy bitch!
smooch I got a dream to have...

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