Saturday, November 29, 2008

Riding Dirty

My friday started of late thanks to me staying up late to blog, anyway i didn't eat dinner anything till 9pm! it was banging I went with Ken and Tonia had ate bangin fish tacos had a crappy margarita went to NJ to get the black mobile drifted to East Rutherford to get the waffle. I was a block away and there was a DWI check poinT!!!!!
"You are the lucky 5th car, every fifth car gets searched" says the fuzz, "I said what did you make that up?" I pull over they ask all the right questions and looked in all the wrong places. Heart almost exploded as they were searching my person, I started to do my get off my dick hustle and asked if they knew how to tie a bowtie. The cop stopped rummaging through the car and said get the fuck out of here!

Finally got to JC went to the mansion to check on the pussies than hit up the cowboys and indians party

we had an interesting conversation

gotta love people with pirate shirts!

got stupd drunk left got bored than dressed up!

if u see a stalker yell squalleeeeeeeeeeee, got the fuck out of there glad I didnt get shot or raped walking around jc like that

Just got off the phone with Duke da God gonna meet up tomorrow to plan the takeover in 09. oh yeah we getting there baby step by step

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