Monday, November 3, 2008

I remember halloween

Sorry it took a million years to get black to you, but this was my Halloween weekend in the starting off at my house which turned into a small party of its own. Than everyone left, I had to wait on something than met everyone at the danger party L train Francis on the E? The train was fun gotta love Halloween it makes chicks dress like sluts, all the hipsters were zombies so they can still dress like shit, the dorks dress in cheezy fake costumes, all the druggies are out, and especially the boys in blue so if your dressed like weed than its not a good idea to smell like it too!

This is kinda a bad pic but didn't wanna make him think I wanted to do him or something...

The lines were so long to the bathroom that this lady was sniffing up inbetween someones legs (dont blame you sweety)


weeded witch of blvd easy and captain of JC

one of 50 million jokers, rainbow brite and the weed witch

i heart beaker

Saturday I was felling ok, I didn't really do shit during the day went out for sushi with the infamous Claudouchye West than got really tierd from all the sake by the time I got to the party I was a zombie, heres what went down

know what I am for halloween? Mr. too good to take off his sunglasses...

Mustache swagger? check!

Tupac and I

Celeste dressed up as Celeste

yes this is me drunk and I am not too sure I even remember taking this flick

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