Saturday, November 8, 2008

flickr is so hip

waiting to get inside a club this guy came up to us and he was like can I do an impersonation for you I was like sure he said Frank Sinatra or (i forget) so I had to break his balls I said can you do Dean Martin. I really should have taken a video cus it was funny but he gave up trying with me after I made him try to sing thats life cus he didnt know the words

than I went to it too the mean streets of JC where I did an ollie in my socks

after I met everyone at the bar tho had 3 jack on the rocks for last call

you know if you have no home you really cant complain if people fuck with you by taking pictures cus you have no privacy (its ok neither do I)



the mansion... I took pics of like the whole place but you prolly dont wanna see it cus its too fucking sexy

I am not sure what time I went to bed but I woke up at 330 grabbed my new chain with camera pendant and headed home stopped to smoke a j bone with the douche at her place of employment

she was screwing around as usual

tried on some shit

copped a feel

Than I inhaled a falafel from Iggy's and back to the mansion for me anyway waiting on my Chariot to Trouble and Bass gotta hit up a liquor store for some good ol Jack bringing both cameras so ill be black as soon as the hangovers off

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