Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Won't Fill you up but never lets you down!

So apparently my sister got more love for me than she used to, and my homey the waffle made a trip to Woodbury Commons happen after a year of me bringing it up! Oh well I couldnt have bought shit than but nothing coulda gotten me as stoked as my new shoes, even Bang was flipping (prolly only cus there Gucci!). Oh well I really dont wanna chat with you its 3am and I kinda wanna watch the rest of The Hot Chick and pass out with some silver haze. Love you smooch see u soon

if a picture is worth a thousand words how much is a picture of a picture worth? Found this when I was looking for my iPOD

Found the iPOD was gonna get a hooker but got my new suede shoes instead! Thats why they love me in Harlem!

And I am down with E.T.

I was looking for something but I got sidetracked this was prolly better anyway!

dipset calls me "the white shiest" I guess that means I should be in high times too

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