Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday ENGLISHTINA (via 4:20ed up)

On this day I pay homage to the waffle cus its her birthday, so its waffle appreciation day. I love and respect her because she is a go getter, she does really work hard and I am happy that its paying off for her. She is gonna be bigger than you and your moms fairly soon and this is before she turned Hollywood!

gotta wife a woman like this! the divorce papers never came in the mail btw...

I swear if I can ever find these waffle fries in your size there yours

it was fun had some champagne and was breaking everyones balls, especially the slow service at the table. I swear those Greeks are retarded but it was awesome

Sasha I love you! come hang longer, stonger, and more often! crack me up son

Waffle mom has a cock

It is getting cold out here, but don't stop!

ok lovers haters slugs thugs and vagina vibrators heres the best video ever! call this a bonus blog!

{shameless plug}
there's a fund raising party this weedend, I am gonna try to help make it fabulous I suggested we have a makeout booth! Email me for specs and shit I will post the infotmation soon just cus I don't want too much stalk action. And to fans I love you but its like almost 7AM and I am about to make some magic happen. That being said I am out handle yours Im gonna handle mine and I hope this Monday doesn't start the same way as last one did... smooch

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