Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DipSet dreams

Spent most of this week staying close to home cus I felt I was getting sick, till last night I was dragged out by bang. Got to the studio Duke Da God's asleep on the couch, 40 Cal is spitting and the producers are smoking and complaining about Dukes iMAC (anyone with older models knows). Duke woke up we went to another room to leave 40 alone, we shot the shit for awhile about blogs, conspiracies, and the recession. He said "I remember a time I was making 10,000 a month on diplomats shirts alone" and now its dwindled way down. Duke passed out I was thinking that I shoulda taken them there silk screen classes when I was wasting away in shiny LA oh well. watched The Jumper

The Jumper was kinda fun got a text are you awake responded to my than 2 seconds later theres Ian with a bottle of vodka a beer and a ill grin. I am not sure what Bang doe's with his superwoman and stormtrooper doll but we let them like this...(he called me to say he was watching you play sexinthmouth with his action figures)

late night snacks get better and better as I get older

oh yeah and 40 Cal new shit sounded good they were still working on it way past when I left. This is the most recent ish I could find and that is his car, see you in a minute...

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