Monday, November 10, 2008

Trouble & Bass back in Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!!-


it has been a while since I went to a T&B event mostly cus they fall on a Friday and I am stuck in the mansion but I was supped to not go to Love for this special event and I had a blast when I wasnt snapping away heres what happened from 2 different lenses starting off with some mustache swag

what the fuck did this girl like fall is she dancing? i dont get it

who the fuck let beavis in??

that's what she said

after all that I still didnt get my fix of T%B cant wait for the next hope I make it...

and finally back to the mansion who knew about granddaddy Francis???

someone needs to give the person that puts these up a drug test!

night night

it was a long weekend for sure I am ending it now at 6 am went to my old hood By Ridge tonight with the waffle to eat some Turkish food and drink at some bar she found. Around midnight came in a bunch of old drunk Guinea hoes followed by some poor excuses for mobsters, at least to me I wouldn't wear a suit that tacky .one of there scaly wags was passed out on the bar table. I took a flick of it but its like MIA maybe I erased it in my jack daniels buzz, anyway I am really just trying to say idk when I will be back with you...

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Eric B said...

Is that one blonde chick named Jill?