Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lighters come and go but Francis stay lit

Was gonna go to Brooklyn for a rave but im a tight pants wearing (watch yo mouth) stayed in NJ home of the stalkers and the do whatever you want cus the cops don't watch because everyone knows to keep there doors locked

lil wayne and this little Mexican had a old fashion dance of which almost got Pedro beat down, he didn't step on the dance floor for like a hour and a half

this guy wanted me to take a picture of him so bad I was gonna knock him but he was with a bad bitch by the end of the night so I ain't got shit to say

this guy is following that ass and lil wayne got his lollipop

Man Washington Mutual is really doing terrible financially first they get bought out and now they are helping out the poor good job guys

Than I hit up the Monkey Ranch for a couple shots of jack daniels than I went on my way

forgot about this son

everyone needs one of these

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