Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well other than staying up all night long and well fuck it no time for an introduction got a waffle on the way...

on Tuesday I had a star at my house that couldnt stop taking pictures of he/her self...

like you in the movie not in person DUMP!!!

Like I said I spent most of the week staying up late.

I am so lying

this is why I am lying!

got that bowler swagger!!!

back to the dragon slaying job

some are intimidated by the dragon slayer some laugh!!??

I swear I didn't do it

spent a lot of quality time at the mansion

purple george bush?

this was after the Fashion gaylord party and studio B in the back of the art gallery

this is living proof that Claudia is a hipster!

fucking white people


After the fake brunch date I took it back to the mansion to grab some hundred dollar bills to throw around for my Saturday Night I'll holler

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