Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Francis going wild in 09????

Man it's been a long year I can't believe its a month away from over, the summer flew by fall didn't even start barley and its a month away from winter! Started this year off on the East Coast and might end this year in Amsterdam! People are saying it maybe a rough Winter if so I am gonna stay hibernating, too bad this stud keeps meeting the duds or someone would be joining me some fine places. That is kinda a plus tho maybe I will actually do Mardi Gras 09, literally son!
Sorry I really don't got much for you my patients have been waring for a while I really wanna kill someone, so I think I am gonna chill today turn one of my pagers and 2 of my phones off and pay hommage to the late great pimp c.

Well heres of screwing with the less intelligent in cOctober that never made it to the press...

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