Thursday, December 4, 2008

steal my weed not my lighter sucka!

kinda didnt feel like going out but I didn't see to much of a reason to stay in even tho gotta love gold

ate a zanex when I left Jerz because I was feeling anxious about meeting Andy Rourke, by the time I got to The Brook my vision was like this

I scarred this gay guy on a straight blind date

still on the mustache swagger shit

even the asian boys love it

ordered some beer Brooklyn Bright Golding ale

last pic of the night great setting i may add makes me wanna go back and get those chrome Gucci's

Thursday I got dressed up to go a swanky place and ended up in the Duke Da Gods studio to watch Hell Rell finish some tracks and do a documentary for, I gotta keep looking cus I am prolly in it getting loopy.

Duke Da God isn't famous for rap they were talking about how he just raps about himself this is him breaking down his hit single

JR Writer & Hell Rell

cash on the left and forgot his name writing lyrics on a chicken box equals instant classic!

Duke is a funny ass motherfucker man and nice as hell but he really cant stay awake...

its friday its 6pm got shit to do before tonight (yes the lighter is on a shoe string!)

Pirate music sorry it sucks nothing to see but there was 45,549 people in a small ass room but at least you can say you never heard it before that was the first time it was listened to before the edits!

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