Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On my Barney shit calling Fred from the EO Flinstone pjs

What to expect here at sexinthemouth is for no lies, some shadiness, and latly some bullshit blogs mostly cus I am too lazy to fuck around and I usually forget most of the ideas I get during the day... get over it you still peep this shit!

heres a pic of Danny and the mexican that danced with lil wayne a few episodes ago

white lines

blow away

nice gun

but don't fuck with clint easywood son!

pin-up of the month right here!

the first time I met this guy he was dressed totally different but I really cant say shit cus I dress up as Claudia on my free time..

I feel like we all bonded with this dude that was sitting down, and a even gayer, more alive and prolly way less talented Andy Warhol was there didnt steal a pic of him tho

strike one

strike 2


flush that shit!

this some bullshit man! one it sucks for them but two I wanna sleep motha fucka!

which one you think puts out more?

No! Notorious!!

oh yeah 3 weeks to new years best idea I got is go see Artie Lang! what would bruce lee do and what do you know about 2012???? ok really I gotta sleep so I can wake up to let the fiends in!

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