Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With all the Christmas shit going on and all the fun I am having I have neglected sexinthemouth a bit and have been giving half ass posts sorry. Well I am sorry and I hope this makes up for it, it was a blast heres the HIGHlights!

here is the second brightest place in the hood, the first is the chicken shack!

went to some party in the brook on Saturday, Someone must have spiked the punch cus I was seeing santa everywhere! This picture here is like pretty much proof of this

there were regular old hipsters there too!

So much to say about this retro style but really don't have the time

And I am sorry but the Santa of the Texas shouldn't have been let in!

this guys like oh shit all I gotta do is take my shirt off and bitches will let me suck they necks, oh its on

trusty bartender

I mean there was good looking people there too, but whos the man and whos the woman?

I give to the poor see

I also make fun of geeks on my blog! Vintage lesson 101: it ain't vintage if your taking it from your little brothers closet!

omg dude wheres the oj I drank too much punch!

hey Santa isn't water clear?

smoking hot

the Xmas tree fell on these people when they were making out

wow I was here thinking that douchebags stopped wearing blazers and making them uniquely gay

Honestly when I saw what the camera took I laughed my ass off. I wasnt aiming for this but thank God its here for you!

e I popped $20, 3 pbr's $6 chick with no bra on and shows me her snatch after only a dance PRICELESS!

you ever wonder where your friends are at a party and than you find them and its like OHHHHH WHERE YOU BEEN AYEEEEE. this was one of these moments

you know when you realize your gonna get laid by a half ass bitch but still happy cus your a bum, thats one of these moments!

Don't hate son!

your only mad cus she did it first! puke!

not only were these bitches ugly but they were annoying as hell, worst bathroom line ever!
This motherfucka was insane walking around like he was on crack and heroin I think he was just pretending, douche wasn't into it

I made him do it! well I suggested it

whatever powder was alright in the end...

there feeling it and that chick on the right is a dude!

there was a big flood looked like New Orleans on X-mas

im gonna send this pic to vice magizine see what they gotta say about this waste of space

hipster? √

who needs that many different brands of that gross shit oh I forgot were a hop and skip away from crack spots...

random story for you
Other than the usual I got stuck with like 150 dollars in ones, wondering if how in the world I am gonna get rid of a hundred one dollar bills excluding the whole balling on strippers shit. I roll up to the gas station wit for 20 minuites watching this dude sing/talk to himself, he finally comes to me, tell em fill it and he goes "are those all one dollar bills ill buy them all from you". Problem solved and he have me free gas, still got that swagger or maybe I still smell like hash!

Headbands in the building son get it for a limited time only son and heres the only picture I took on Friday night

420 minus 419

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