Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't get ur crothcless panties in a bunch

My sister flew away to LA with all the hip losers, so if anyone wants to take my sisters place for a few days holler! I am a little jealous it's freezing here plus my favorite place in the world is there and I miss it! And I am pretty sure shes either stuck in traffic or drinking a margarita here cus that Biotch aint answering my gchats

Went to the Knitting Factory last night there was way too many people upstairs so I didnt get to see beatnuts, blackthought, rakim and a bunch of other suckers. But I got these chicks getting all naked for no reason to show off to you! Like a here here it go
mustache swag of just crappy photography?

remember this guy? made an appearance blogs and blogs ago only now I realize hes not a weirdo there a weirdo band

got the duck outta there, went to go say by to my sister

taco flavored kisses

Fuck what you heard it stay snowing in Jersey City

looking like a benz with some woofers in the trunk

my Green sneakers

be about it!

didnt eat till a minuite ago, well worth the wait... getting a scheme for tonight together now...

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