Sunday, December 21, 2008

This Recession Buster got me on my smile swag

I am editing this post now and watching the youtubes oh man this isnt gay tv this is francis tv! Bang told me to make a white shiest mixtape idk well see... In other news Christmas is like a day away and my familys about to smell what kind of cornbread I have been cooking! Whatever I got my woodbury in this year special shout out to my homey waffle fry I can't believe you slept till like 2! banging on dishes like whats his face. Like My homey Hell Rell say Either work for me or be desert for me

Had an amazing last couple days chilling with the rascals. Last Night I went to the promise land made peace on some dumb beef! My sister might be mad but I everyone knows I am only half a hater! Claudouche's arch rival and myself...

This one cracks me up! HO HO HO SON

thats what I say to this even though it cracks me up! No Homo if you know the waffle ask her why this is funny!
man this is the gayest shit id ever post but I swear if u only knew how fucking funny it really is.. shit like they say in jail "You wasn't there!"

First and foremost Happy Holidays they want to wish you s merry christmas from the bottom of our hearts

I made Tina make a iligal uturn just so I could take this picture of this dude walking aroud with a skateboard in the winter than I saw the pic when I uploaded it and realized he is asian and he got a supreme bag in his hand! Those Hypebeast lines are getting longer and longer cus it's late as shit!

Have you ever played street fighter on weed man?


no flash



Lex with the recession buster party free for all GOT THAT SKI FOR ALL!

great colors

but dont fuck with vodka mofucka u drink wine! Bjorn was hella fucked up

blueprint for recession busting byob!

second Lex I have met

This chick didnt want her picture taken, I bet she didn't want to be on a blog either

watch Orlando spit that magic!


Woke the fuck up made a bunch of crepes/ pre car snacks and went on the way cus I really didnt wanna work today I even quoted this, ask the bitch she homeslice that chick no liar!

I dont know why I recorded them after I got what I wanted but yeah thanks for being fags, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN MY BLOG ON WEED MAN????

Nigga I dont even sleep on my bed!

what you know about dickweed DICKWEED?

Whatever today was a good day Shout to my sister out there on the West, Only go to Cali for the Weather the women and the weed!

Just got done tweaking this bitch out got a lot to do before X-mas see what kinda shits going on, keep yourself Posted. Im let you know all about that recession buster shit I am on real soon wait till the check is cut!

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