Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last Friday of the year make it count

heres a story of a fucked up man named alex

running around jumping on people and shit gave me a case of the lols

He was getting onto me that I was spying on him

so he turned ghost no more laughs

wheres kramer?

For some reason Kramer was loving this fucking thing!

or maybe he just was being a peeping tom

homey freddy thug came through but he wasnt there chris was feeling it tho!

bang on drums and bang out blogs

Freddy Thug pulling a Duke Da God

cabride to the mansion

I am done with this shit sorry if its not fly enough but hey I wasnt taking pics last night really... My sister comes home from LA tomorrow prolly gonna be business as usual... XOXO
PS I edited the mistletoe blog below... holler

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