Friday, December 19, 2008

Granddaddy swagger

Everyone wants to know what I'm doing for new years I just wanna know who wants to makeout for new years! Went to this little shindig was pumping than died down was good times...

this guy is really a tight pants wearing ass nigga!

Stop Beeping girl my hips on fire!

Chrissys boob and her friend

Lena told me that I don't exist!

I may not exist but you can certainly feel me

I was drunk and thought this was hilarious, now I am sober and it bores me I think I wanted to make fun of the shoes.

Fucking L train is screwy had to take a cab back to the brook!
check back soon for more good times...

1 comment:

RidiChrissy said...

found you!
and the first thing i see is my boob, excellent