Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wearing a mistletoe belt buckle just for you whoever you are...

First and foremost Happy Birthday to my niggas Jesus and Freddie thug!

Xmas in nj

hope u get all the toys you wanted...

My chariot was not fast enough to get me to the fam, I didn't get another ticket and I kinda feel like the Grinch but at least I have been feeding my children there Hawaiian love. Recession checks in the mail and im putting on my Christmas gear...

my assistant is officially on her job this is her first day of work! I told her my scheme a long time ago about fuck with me and well be rich, 09 bitch thats all I gotta say!

she did the sticker getting printed this week... also this is the new url...

Oh and man I got so much respect I need some hate as soon as you bums return your Christmas presents I want some hate cus I ain't seen no beef for a minute! Bang know about that hater shit too he got a lock on his lighter too!

This is an old Idea was gonna be a sticker cost too much cus of the cmyk effect! But look out for the shirts gonna be right here in a hood near you..

Ruga Rells first visit to the mansion, first bong hit and first time smoking Keif in one picture!

christmas eve eve in BK

and just a reminder my clothes look better on me when there on the floor

I don't know what me and my assistant are about to do, but we fin to have some fun cuz we debonair as shit

I went down to jc to grab some drinks

cheery season

I went upstairs to get the champagne and it turned out that the grinch got there first

Since I was drinking champagne all day long I was dead at night and the 26th I woke up offically at 4:20

And it will be another year before we see this party monster again

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