Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday bloody Wednesday

this is how i felt all day (not the thong actually yes the thong) wake and flake made me cranky

Woke up hung over realizing I was right that I should have stayed in the night before knowing I am just gonna drink today and the rest of the week.... What else is new at least I can get away with it son!!! Anyway everything was just all wrong all day and I wake and flaked make it more stress fully slower. Any who got a pan and manly stuff from home depot for mongaloids that destroy things, finally got home and realized my fridge was open so all my fine whole pay check foods were spoiled good thing I had launchpad with me so we zoomed over there to restock the mansion. After that it was snapping and trapping, some cats showed me a few videos they did below...



So when the storm was over and the fog cleared I realized the empire state building was all green so it has to be a good night!

three djs Ole invited me so he gets the only shout out especially cuz Mr Mustache swagger jacker over there and never caught the others name but man it got fucking packed in there guess it was cuz people like 80s music...

Jon S no gang signs email me for the gang signs

Little Red riding hood

Alexander Basset

this is a picture of 3 girls named Susan

Kid Ginsing Talking head son!

your all welcome!

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