Wednesday, October 8, 2008

blah wednesday

Well I woke up today with a buzz of my bell knowing who it was I ignored and kept sleeping only problem was it sounded like it was jammed so I took off my rubber duck pjs and thew on some gym shorts (to be more bad ass u know). So I see it was a toothpick, thanks for the wake up! Then realizing I haven't left my house in 2 days other than to go to a liquor store of a supermarket... So I rolled a spliff took a bath with mr suicide threw some old gear on and ran out the door!

as soon as I hop out my public transportation unit shorties was giving me some up and downs maybe I looked like a creep but them smiles was showing they liked my mustache swag... hit up a "VINTAGE" joint and ended up buying some shit for my house which has been on my list for a while now!
I went looking though cd's and this was the best one! other than a muse cd that was scratched to high hell

I was gonna go out tonight but fuck that I am not gonna go waste time and energy when I got big fish to fry here at home

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