Thursday, October 23, 2008

This blogs for you

Since it sucks to be home I left ran out in a frenzy and came home the same way after I ate and had a few drinks in the city. I was Bonkers when I came home, realized my fridge broke dropped my parishables at a local friends for safe keeping. Smoked and went to New York for the CMJ festival to see the Englishwaffle do her thing, and I gotta just add that nobody thought it was interesting that I was still wearing my button down shirt and my polka dot tie, fuckin weirdos!
went outside realized how much of a small world I live in and took another cab which makes like # 134,050 this month... than took a gypsy bus... and than met a metal band Psyopus

dumbass the fridge works just fine! high bastard

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