Monday, October 13, 2008

a cruel cruel weekend {pre-updated}

a weekend of going to bed after the sun comes up and waking up before noon...

fun with graffiti

midnight snack Go Raw!!!!

sunday I woke up to this...

Ate some food shot to starbucks and took an inital look at the art and music festival bought this

Was pretty much what I expected I went inside tried to drown out the noise with lame computer speakers didn't work at all. I decieded to drink some beers and bird watched from the mansion, than ran down and just kept bumping into people. It was cool had fun with met some cool people I hope they email me the pics of what they took...

Ran into someone that remembered me as burnout circa this picture (in the picture)

than came home to for another smoking session with an old and new friend

all in all it was a pretty good weekend sunday was a ton of fun tho

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