Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I thought this was hilarious at 5:30 in the morning

Felt all meloncholy on my walk home from the lightrail, and it didn't help that my joint kept going out.

I got home tried to relax took a bath than a shower cus just a bath is gross, was still so restless I headed to manhattan. I grabbed the blazers for flightclub locked all the doors grabbed some paper and was out to pamper myself. First stop flightclub and lemme tell you I FUCKING HATE them again!!!!!! Not only did they not take my shoes, but it took half an hour and 3 people to cut me a check! So I got the pleasure of walking around with 4 pairs of black and white blazers (70 bucks holler!) Went to the mac store took me half an hour to get a ipod walked around prince st a while cus I forgot where the diesel store was its ok cus everything and everyone there is beatiful. Went to dqm for some kicks and overheard all kinds of gay hypebeast ass shit (what to expect for a streetwear store)

than I went to rosa for some fresh mexicana son this

and three of these

cost this...

pics from the festival

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